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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Development of the First Menthane-Based Chiral Bis(p-allylpalladium) Catalysis: Asymmetric Allylation of IminesFERNANDES, RA; CHAUDHARI, DA
2015Development of Unimolecular Tetrakis(piperidin-4-ol) as a Ligand for Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reactions: Synthesis of Incrustoporin and PreclamolNALLASIVAM, JL; FERNANDES, RA
2012Diastereoselective synthesis of (+)-nephrosterinic acid and (+)-protolichesterinic acidFERNANDES, RA; HALLE, MB; CHOWDHURY, AK; INGLE, AB
2009A diethyltartrate-based synthesis of both (-)- and (+)-arundic acidFERNANDES, RA; DHALL, A; INGLE, AB
2016Dimeric Pyranonaphthoquinones: Isolation, Bioactivity, and Synthetic ApproachesFERNANDES, RA; PATIL, PH; CHAUDHARI, DA
2014Domino Recombinant gamma-Isomerization and Reverse Wacker Oxidation of gamma-Vinyl-gamma-butyrolactone: Synthesis of (+)-trans-, (-)- and (+)-DisparluresBETHI, V; KATTANGURU, P; FERNANDES, RA
2011A Dotz benzannulation route to the enantioselective synthesis of (-)- and (+)-juglomycin AFERNANDES, RA; CHAVAN, VP
2012Enantioselective allylation of imines catalyzed by newly developed (-)-beta-pinene-based pi-allylpalladium catalyst: an efficient synthesis of (R)-alpha-propylpiperonylamine and (R)-pipecolic acidFERNANDES, RA; NALLASIVAM, JL
2014An expedient osmium(VI)/K3Fe(CN)(6)-mediated selective oxidation of benzylic, allylic and propargylic alcoholsFERNANDES, RA; BETHI, V
2014A facile chemoselective deprotection of aryl silyl ethers using sodium hydride/DMF and in situ protection of phenol with various groupsFERNANDES, RA; GHOLAP, SP; MULAY, SV
2015Formal Synthesis of the Human Rhinovirus 3C Protease Inhibitor (-)-ThysanoneMULAY, SV; GHOLAP, SP; FERNANDES, RA
2013A highly diastereoselective oxa-Pictet-Spengler approach to (+)-astropaquinone B and (+)-astropaquinone C and the formation of astropaquinone B dimerFERNANDES, RA; MULAY, SV
2016Hypervalent Iodine as a Terminal Oxidant in Wacker-Type Oxidation of Terminal Olefins to Methyl KetonesCHAUDHARI, DA; FERNANDES, RA
2014Iron(III) Sulfate as Terminal Oxidant in the Synthesis of Methyl Ketones via Wacker OxidationFERNANDES, RA; CHAUDHARI, DA
2014Late-Stage beta-Epimerization. A Stereodivergent to Stereoconvergent Relay to the First Total Synthesis of (+)-Murolic AcidFERNANDES, RA; PATIL, PH; CHOWDHURY, AK
2016De novo protecting-group-free total synthesis of (+)-muricadienin, (+)-ancepsenolide and (+)-3-hexadecyl-5-methylfuran-2(5H)-oneKUNKALKAR, RA; LAHA, D; FERNANDES, RA
2016Pd-Catalyzed Site-Selective Mono-allylic Substitution and Bis-arylation by Directed Allylic C-H Activation: Synthesis of anti-gamma-(Aryl,Styryl)-beta-hydroxy Acids and Highly Substituted TetrahydrofuransNALLASIVAM, JL; FERNANDES, RA
2014A practical and improved process for the synthesis of Hagen's gland lactones by catalytic hydro-deiodinationCHAUDHARI, DA; KATTANGURU, P; FERNANDES, RA
2017A protecting-group-free synthesis of (+)-nephrosteranic, (+)-protolichesterinic, (+)-nephrosterinic, (+)-phaseolinic, (+)-rocellaric acids and (+)-methylenolactocinNALLASIVAM, JL; FERNANDES, RA
2012A Protecting-Group-Free Synthesis of Hagen's Gland LactonesFERNANDES, RA; KATTANGURU, P