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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Remarkable preservation of terpenoids and record of volatile signalling in plant-animal interactions from Miocene amberDUTTA, S; MEHROTRA, RC; PAUL, S; TIWARI, RP; BHATTACHARYA, S; SRIVASTAVA, G; RALTE, VZ; ZORAMTHARA, C
2017Sensitive measurement of spin-orbit torque driven ferromagnetic resonance detected by planar Hall geometryBOSE, A; DUTTA, S; BHUKTARE, S; SINGH, H; TULAPURKAR, AA
2006Stratigraphy, sedimentology and bulk organic geochemistry of black shales from the Proterozoic Vindhyan Supergroup (central India)BANERJEE, S; DUTTA, S; PAIKARAY, S; MANN, U
2011Terpenoid composition and botanical affinity of Cretaceous resins from India and MyanmarDUTTA, S; MALLICK, M; KUMAR, K; MANN, U; GREENWOOD, PF
2009Terpenoid composition and class of Tertiary resins from IndiaDUTTA, S; MALLICK, M; BERTRAM, N; GREENWOOD, PF; MATHEWS, RP
2016Terpenoid composition of fossil resins from western India: New insights into the occurrence of resin-producing trees in Early Paleogene equatorial rainforest of AsiaPAUL, S; DUTTA, S
2014Terpenoid Compositions and Botanical Origins of Late Cretaceous and Miocene Amber from ChinaSHI, GL; DUTTA, S; PAUL, S; WANG, B; JACQUES, FMB
2013Thermal metamorphism of the Arunachal Himalaya, India: Raman thermometry and thermochronological constraints on the tectono-thermal evolutionMATHEW, G; DE SARKAR, S; PANDE, K; DUTTA, S; ALI, S; RAI, A; NETRAWALI, S
2017TOC calculation of organic matter rich sediments using Rock-Eval pyrolysis: Critical consideration and insightsHAZRA, B; DUTTA, S; KUMAR, S