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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Chemical composition and palaeobotanical origin of Miocene resins from Kerala-Konkan Coast, western IndiaDUTTA, S; MALLICK, M; MATHEWS, RP; MANN, U; GREENWOOD, PF; SAXENA, R
2017Chemical evidence for dammarenediol, a bioactive angiosperm metabolite, from 54 Ma old fossil resinsDUTTA, S; MALLICK, M
2006Chuaria circularis from the early Mesoproterozoic Suket Shale, Vindhyan Supergroup, India: Insights from light and electron microscopy and pyrolysis-gas chromatographyDUTTA, S; STEINER, M; BANERJEE, S; ERDTMANN, BD; JEEVANKUMAR, S; MANN, U
2016Consistency of multivariate density estimators using random bandwidthsDUTTA, S; SAHA, K
2017Dammar resin from the Eocene lignite of Bengal Basin, eastern India: Terpenoid composition and botanical originBERA, S; DUTTA, S; PAUL, S; KHAN, MA; GHOSH, R
2017Depositional palaeoenvironment and economic potential of Khadsaliya lignite deposits (Saurashtra Basin), western India: Based on petrographic, palynofacies and geochemical characteristicsSINGH, VP; SINGH, BD; SINGH, A; SINGH, MP; MATHEWS, RP; DUTTA, S; MENDHE, VA; MAHESH, S; MISHRA, S
2012Direct chemical evidence for eumelanin pigment from the Jurassic periodGLASS, K; ITO, S; WILBY, PR; SOTA, T; NAKAMURA, A; BOWERS, CR; VINTHER, J; DUTTA, S; SUMMONS, R; BRIGGS, DEG; WAKAMATSU, K; SIMON, JD
2017A distinctive biomarker assemblage in an Infracambrian oil and source rock from western India: Molecular signatures of eukaryotic sterols and prokaryotic carotenoidsBHATTACHARYA, S; DUTTA, S; SUMMONS, RE
2014A Diverse Paleobiota in Early Eocene Fushun Amber from ChinaWANG, B; RUST, J; ENGEL, MS; SZWEDO, J; DUTTA, S; NEL, A; FAN, Y; MENG, FW; SHI, GL; JARZEMBOWSKI, EA; WAPPLER, T; STEBNER, F; FANG, Y; MAO, LM; ZHENG, DR; ZHANG, HC
2015Early Eocene equatorial vegetation and depositional environment: Biomarker and palynological evidences from a lignite-bearing sequence of Cambay Basin, western IndiaPAUL, S; SHARMA, J; SINGH, BD; SARASWATI, PK; DUTTA, S
2017The effects of igneous dike intrusion on organic geochemistry of black shale and its implications: Late Jurassic Jhuran Formation, IndiaARORA, A; DUTTA, S; GOGOI, B; BANERJEE, S
2015Engineered-membranes and engineered-micelles as efficient tools for purification of halorhodopsin and bacteriorhodopsinDUTTA, S; NAIR, DK; NAMBOOTHIRI, INN; WACHTEL, E; FRIEDMAN, N; SHEVES, M; PATCHORNIK, G
2015An enigmatic piece of amber in the Oligocene of the Assam-Arakan Basin (Eastern India)GIRARD, V; SALPETEUR, I; DUTTA, S; BAUER, H; RAJU, SV
2011Eocene out-of-India dispersal of Asian dipterocarpsDUTTA, S; TRIPATHI, SM; MALLICK, M; MATHEWS, RP; GREENWOOD, PF; RAO, MR; SUMMONS, RE
2014Exceptional preservation of angiosperm markers in Miocene and Eocene ambersDUTTA, S; SAXENA, R; SINGH, H
2015Fossil Leaves in Amber from the Bhuban Formation, Mizoram, IndiaTIWARI, RP; RALTE, VZ; ZORAMTHARA, C; SRIVASTAVA, G; MEHROTRA, RC; PAUL, S; DUTTA, S
2008Ground loss due to circular tunnel deformation in sandsJUNEJA, A; DUTTA, S
2014Higher plant biomarker signatures of Early Eocene sediments of North Eastern IndiaCHATTOPADHYAY, A; DUTTA, S
2007Highly aromatic character of biogeomacromolecules in Chitinozoa: A spectroscopic and pyrolytic studyDUTTA, S; BROCKE, R; HARTKOPF-FRODER, C; LITTKE, R; WILKES, H; MANN, U
2013Impact of diagenesis and maturation on the survival of eumelanin in the fossil recordGLASS, K; ITO, S; WILBY, PR; SOTA, T; NAKAMURA, A; BOWERS, CR; MILLER, KE; DUTTA, S; SUMMONS, RE; BRIGGS, DEG; WAKAMATSU, K; SIMON, JD