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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Maintaining Cu metal integrity on low-k IMDs with a nanometer thick a-SiC : H film obtained by HWCVDSINGH, SK; KUMBHAR, AA; DUSANE, RO
2013Mg Doping Affects Dislocation Core Structures in GaNRHODE, SK; HORTON, MK; KAPPERS, MJ; ZHANG, S; HUMPHREYS, CJ; DUSANE, RO; SAHONTA, SL; MORAM, MA
1998Micro-crystalline phase formation in hot wire deposited Si : C : H alloy films from pure methane and silane mixturesKUMBHAR, AA; DUSANE, RO; BAUER, S; SCHRODER, B
2006Microcrystalline single and double junction silicon based solar cells entirely prepared by HWCVD on textured zinc oxide substrateKUMAR, P; KUPICH, M; BOCK, W; DUSANE, RO; SCHROEDER, B
2006Microscopic properties of H-2 diluted HWCVD deposited a-SiC : H filmSWAIN, BP; DUSANE, RO
2006Multiphase structure of hydrogen diluted a-SiC : H deposited by HWCVDSWAIN, BP; DUSANE, RO
2016Nanoporous gold-copper oxide based all-solid-state micro-supercapacitorsSINGH, BK; SHAIKH, A; BADRAYYANA, S; MOHAPATRA, D; DUSANE, RO; PARIDA, S
2003Nitrogen dilution effects on structural and electrical properties of hot-wire-deposited a-SiN:H films for deep-sub-micron CMOS technologiesWAGHMARE, PARAG C; PATIL, SAMADHAN B; KUMBHAR, ALKA A; RAMGOPAL RAO, V; DUSANE, RO
2006Non-plasma-based technologies to augment backend processing in future ULSIDUSANE, RO
2013A novel approach to process phase pure alpha-Al2O3 coatings by solution precursor plasma sprayingSIVAKUMAR, G; DUSANE, RO; JOSHI, SV
2006One-dimensional simulation study of microcrystalline silicon thin films for solar cell and thin film transistor applications using AMPS-1DTRIPATHI,S; VENKATARAMANI, N; DUSANE, RO; SCHROEDER, B
1996p-i interface engineering and i-layer control of hot-wire a-Si:H based p-i-n solar cells using in-situ ellipsometryBAUER, S; DUSANE, RO; HERBST, W; DIEHL, F; SCHRODER, B
2015Passivation study of multi-crystalline silicon wafer with i-a-Si:H layer deposited by HWCVDAGARWAL, M; DUSANE, RO
2017Performance enhancement of micro-supercapacitor by coating of graphene on silicon nanowires at room temperatureSOAM, A; KAVLE, P; KUMBHAR, A; DUSANE, RO
2001Photoluminescent, wide-bandgap a-SiC:H alloy films deposited by Cat- CVD using acetyleneKUMBHAR, ALKA A; PATIL, SAMADHAN B; KUMAR, SANJAY; LAL, RAKESH; DUSANE, RO
2006Potential of Cat-CVD deposited a-SiC : H as diffusion barrier layer on low-k HSQ films for ULSISINGH, SK; KUMBHAR, AA; KOTHARI, M; DUSANE, RO
2003Preliminary results on a-SiC:H based thin film light emitting diode by hot wire CVDPATIL, SAMADHAN B; KUMBHAR, ALKA A; SARASWAT, SHWETA; DUSANE, RO
2002Reliability issues of ultra thin silicon nitride (a-SiN : H) by hot wire CVD for deep sub-micron CMOS technologiesWAGHMARE, PC; PATIL, SB; KUMBHAR, A; DUSANE, RO; RAO, VR
2006Repairing plasma-damaged low-k HSQ films with trimethylchlorosilane treatmentSINGH, SUNIL KUMAR; KUMBHAR, ALKA A; DUSANE, RO
2006Resisting oxygen plasma damage in low-k hydrogen silsesquioxane films by hydrogen plasma treatmentSINGH, SUNIL KUMAR; KUMBHAR, ALKA A; DUSANE, RO