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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006An environmental analysis of existence: The past, the present and the futureALAPPAT, BJ; DIKSHIT, AK
2016Evaluation of control strategies for industrial air pollution sources using American Meteorological Society/Environmental Protection Agency Regulatory Model with simulated meteorology by Weather Research and Forecasting ModelKUMAR, A; PATIL, RS; DIKSHIT, AK; ISLAM, S; KUMAR, R
2017A facility location model for municipal solid waste management system under uncertain environmentYADAV, V; BHURJEE, AK; KARMAKAR, S; DIKSHIT, AK
2016A feasibility study for the locations of waste transfer stations in urban centers: a case study on the city of Nashik, IndiaYADAV, V; KARMAKAR, S; DIKSHIT, AK; VANJARI, S
2017Human health risk as a basis for prioritizing air quality monitoring stations in a megacity: a case studyMAJI, KJ; DIKSHIT, AK; DESHPANDE, A
2007Kinetic study of sorption of 2,4-D and atrazine on rubber granulesALAM, JB; DIKSHIT, AK; BANDYOPADHYAY, M
2010Optimization of the parameters for decolourization by Aspergillus niger of anaerobically digested distillery spentwash pretreated with polyaluminium chlorideSINGH, SS; DIKSHIT, AK
2009An overview of sustainability assessment methodologiesSINGH, RK; MURTY, HR; GUPTA, SK; DIKSHIT, AK
2012An overview of sustainability assessment methodologiesSINGH, RK; MURTY, HR; GUPTA, SK; DIKSHIT, AK
2013Screening of bacterial biosorbents for removal of atrazinePATHAK, RK; DIKSHIT, AK
2017Sequential microbial activities mediated bioelectricity production from distillery wastewater using bio-electrochemical system with simultaneous waste remediationDEVAL, AS; PARIKH, HA; KADIER, A; CHANDRASEKHAR, K; BHAGWAT, AM; DIKSHIT, AK
2006Study of sorption of 2,4-d on outer peristaltic part of waste tire rubber granulesALAM, MJB; DIKSHIT, AK; BANERJEE, M; REZA, I; RAHMAN, AM
2016Transfer stations siting in India: A feasibility demonstrationYADAV, V; KARMAKAR, S; DIKSHIT, AK; VANJARI, S
2010Treatment of distillery spentwash by anaerobic baffled reactorsDIKSHIT, AK; CHAUHAN, MS; SINGH, SS
2016Vehicular pollution modeling using the operational street pollution model (OSPM) for Chembur, Mumbai (India)KUMAR, A; KETZEL, M; PATIL, RS; DIKSHIT, AK; HERTEL, O