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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Analytical solutions for vibrations of laminated and sandwich plates using mixed theoryRAO, MK; DESAI, YM
2003Application of a three-dimensional mixed finite element model to the flexure of sandwich plateRAMTEKKAR, GS; DESAI, YM; SHAH, AH
2000Behavior of CFRPC strengthened reinforced concrete beams with varying degrees of strengtheningRAMANA, VPV; KANT, TARUN; MORTON, SE; DUTTA, PK; MUKHERJEE, ABHIJIT; DESAI, YM
1998Behavior Of Concrete Columns Confined By Fiber Composites - DiscussionMUKHERJEE, A; RAMANA, VPV; KANT, T; DUTTA, PK; DESAI, YM
2003Comparisons of displacement-based theories for waves and vibrations in laminated and sandwich composite platesCHITNIS, MR; DESAI, YM; SHAH, AH; KANT, TARUN
2015Coupled higher order and mixed layerwise finite element based static and free vibration analyses of laminated platesBAND, UN; DESAI, YM
2003Dynamic analysis of laminated composite plates using a layer-wise mixed finite element modelDESAI, YM; RAMTEKKAR, GS; SHAH, AH
2000Edge vibrations in composite laminated sandwich plates by using a higher order displacement based theoryCHITNIS, MR; DESAI, YM; KANT, T
2016Effects of Partial Edge Loading and Fibre Configuration on Vibration and Buckling Characteristics of Stiffened Composite PlatesRAJANNA, T; BANERJEE, S; DESAI, YM; PRABHAKARA, DL
2007Effects of polypropylene, polyester and glass fibres on various strengths of ordinary and standard concretesDAVE, UV; DESAI, YM
2008An efficient semi-analytical model for composite and sandwich plates subjected to thermal loadKANT, T; PENDHARI, SS; DESAI, YM
2002Elastic guided waves in a layered plate with rectangular cross sectionMUKDADI, OM; DESAI, YM; DATTA, SK; SHAH, AH; NIKLASSON, AJ
2005Elastodynamic Green’s function for reinforced concrete beamsCHITNIS, MR; DESAI, YM; SHAH, AH; KANT, TARUN
2013Fatigue behavior of [0(n)/90(n)](s) composite cantilever beam under tip impulse loadingJAYAPRAKASH, K; DESAI, YM; NAIK, NK
2001Free vibrations of laminated beams using mixed theoryKAMESWARA RAO, M; DESAI, YM; CHITNIS, MR
2007A general partial discretization methodology for interlaminar stress computation in composite laminatesKANT, T; PENDHARI, SS; DESAI, YM
2007Hybrid-interface element for thick laminated composite platesBAMBOLE, AN; DESAI, YM
2007Hybrid-interface finite element for laminated composite and sandwich beamsBAMBOLE, AN; DESAI, YM
2007Interaction between heating-cooling cycles, sodium sulfate solution and external loading of concrete with and without polypropylene fiber reinforcementDAVE, UV; DESAI, YM