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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A new partial finite element model for statics of sandwich platesKANT, T; PENDHARI, SS; DESAI, YM
2006Nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete beams strengthened with polymer compositesPENDHARI, SS; KANT, T; DESAI, YM
2003A novel 3D mixed finite-element model for statics of angle-ply laminatesDESAI, YM; RAMTEKKAR, GS; SHAH, AH
2007A novel finite-element-numerical-integration model for composite laminates supported on opposite edgesKANT, T; PENLHARI, SS; DESAI, YM
2009On Free-Edge Effect and Onset of Delamination in FRPC Laminates Using Mixed Finite Element ModelRAMTEKKAR, GS; DESAI, YM
2001Simple model for dynamic analysis of cable supported structuresDESAI, YM; PUNDE, S
2004Stability of composite and sandwich struts by mixed formulationDAFEDAR, JB; DESAI, YM
2003Stability of sandwich plates by mixed, higher-order analytical formulationDAFEDAR, JB; DESAI, YM; MUFTI, AA
2012Static solutions for functionally graded simply supported platesPENDHARI, SS; KANT, T; DESAI, YM; SUBBAIAH, CV
2015Stress Analysis of Laminated Composite and Sandwich Beams using a Novel Shear and Normal Deformation TheoryPAWAR, EG; BANERJEE, S; DESAI, YM
2002Thermomechanical buckling of laminated composite plates using mixed, higher-order analytical formulationDAFEDAR, JB; DESAI, YM
2004Uniaxial and biaxial ratchetting in piping materials-experiments and analysisKULKARNI, SC; DESAI, YM; KANT, TARUN; REDDY, GR; PRASAD, P; VAZE, KK; GUPTA, C
2003Uniaxial and biaxial ratchetting study of SA333 Gr.6 steel at room temperatureKULKARNI, SC; DESAI, YM; KANT, TARUN; REDDY, GR; PARULEKAR, Y; VAZE, KK
2016Vibration and buckling analyses of laminated panels with and without cutouts under compressive and tensile edge loadsRAJANNA, T; BANERJEE, S; DESAI, YM; PRABHAKARA, DL
2015Vibration Induced Fatigue Analysis of [0(n)/90(n)](s) Simply Supported Composite Plate Under Central Patch Impulse LoadingJAYAPRAKASH, K; MUTHUKUMAR, M; DESAI, YM; NAIK, NK
2001Wave propagation in laminated composite plates using higher order theoryCHITNIS, MR; DESAI, YM; KANT, T