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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Multimodal image/video fusion rule using generalized pixel significance based on statistical properties of the neighborhoodSHAH, P; SRIKANTH, TV; MERCHANT, SN; DESAI, UB
2003Multiple single pixel dim target detection in infrared image sequenceZAVERI, MA; MERCHANT, SN; DESAI, UB
2002Multiplicative multifractal process based modeling of broadband traffic processes: variable bit rate video trafficMURALI KRISHNA, P; GADRE, VM; DESAI, UB
1995A multiresolution approach to color image restoration and parameter estimation using homotopy continuation methodNANDA, PK; KUMAR, KS; GHOKALE, S; DESAI, UB
2016A multistage approach to decision fusion using a distributed network of non-identical nodesGUPTA, K; MERCHANT, SN; DESAI, UB
2007A neural solution for signal detection in non-gaussian noiseKHAIRNAR, DG; MERCHANT, SN; DESAI, UB
1999New multiresolution motion estimation and compensation schemeKARLEKAR, JAYASHREE; DESAI, UB
2002A new scale adaptive wavelet thresholding method for denoising using chi-square test statisticDAS, A; DESAI, UB; VAIDYA, PP
2007Nonlinear target identification and tracking using UKFKHAIRNAR, DG; NANDAKUMAR, S; MERCHANT, SN; DESAI, UB
2012A Novel Algorithm for Bluetooth ECGPANDYA, UT; DESAI, UB
2005A novel algorithm for reducing computational complexity of MC-DCT in frequency-domain video transcodersNAYAK, DEEPAK; MEHTA, DIPAN; DESAI, UB
2015A novel multistage decision fusion for cognitive sensor networks using AND and OR rulesGUPTA, K; MERCHANT, SN; DESAI, UB
2008On optimal transmission range for multihop cellular networksOJHA, RS; KANNAN, G; MERCHANT, SN; DESAI, UB
2007Optimal objective functional selection for image reconstruction in diffuse optical tomographyPATIL, AV; MUKHERJI, SOUMYO; DESAI, UB
2005An optimum RBF network for signal detection in non-Gaussian noiseKHAIRNAR, DG; MERCHANT, SN; DESAI, UB
2008Optimum retrieval of watermark from wavelet significant coefficientsJAYALAKSHMI, M; MERCHANT, SN; DESAI, UB
1998Pace recognition using a DCT-HMM approachKOHIR, VV; DESAI, UB
2008Packet collision based multiuser interference (MUI) analysis for TH-PAM and TH-PPM ultra wideband (UWB) systemSONI, HB; DESAI, UB; MERCHANT, SN
2017Packet Size Optimization for Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks Aided Internet of ThingsMAJUMDAR, C; LEE, D; PATEL, AA; MERCHANT, SN; DESAI, UB