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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Theoretical and computational investigation of meta-phenylene as ferromagnetic coupler in nitronyl nitroxide diradicalsPAL, AK; MANERU, DR; LATIF, IA; MOREIRA, IDR; ILLAS, F; DATTA, SN
2008Theoretical determination of absolute free energy of reduction of plastoquinone-9 in photosystem II and of plastoquinone-n in DMFMEHTA, N; DATTA, SN
2005Theoretical determination of standard oxidation and reduction potentials of chlorophyll-a in acetonitrilePANDEY, A; DATTA, SN
2004Theoretical determination of the standard reduction potential of plastocyanin in vitroDATTA, SN; SUDHAMSU, J; PANDEY, A
2007Theoretical determination of the standard reduction potentials of pheophytin-a in N,N-dimethyl formamide and membraneMEHTA, N; DATTA, SN
2005Theoretical investigation of intramolecular magnetic interaction through an ethylenic couplerVYAS, S; ALI, ME; HOSSAIN, E; PATWARDHAN, S; DATTA, SN
2012Theoretical Investigation of Magnetic and Conducting Properties of Substituted Silicon Chains. I. Hydrogen and Oxo-Verdazyl LigandsHANSDA, S; LATIF, IA; DATTA, SN
2006Theoretical investigation of magnetic properties of a dinuclear copper complex [Cu-2(mu-OAc)(4)(MeNHph)(2)]ALI, ME; DATTA, SN
2013Theoretical Investigation of Photomagnetic Properties of Oxoverdazyl-Substituted PyrenesSADHUKHAN, T; HANSDA, S; PAL, AK; VENKATAKRISHNA, GV; LATIF, IA; DATTA, SN
2007Theoretical investigation of redox species in condensed phaseMEHTA, N; DATTA, SN
2013Theoretical Investigation of Stilbene as Photochromic Spin CouplerPAL, AK; HANSDA, S; DATTA, SN; ILLAS, F
2000Theoretical investigation of the electronic structure of molecules involved in green-plant photosynthesisDATTA, SN; JHA, A
1997Theoretical investigation of the rates of electron transfer processes Q(I)(-)+Q(II)->Q(I)+Q(II)(-) and Q(I)(-)+Q(II)(-)->Q(I)+Q(II)(2-) in photosynthesisDATTA, SN; MALLIK, B
1996Transfer of excitation energy in a three-dimensional-doped molecular crystal .5. Self-consistency of the temporal processes involved in energy transfer in photosynthetic unitsDATTA, SN; TANDON, D; MALLIK, B
2004Transformed Dirac equation for the hydrogen atom, comparison with previous approaches in momentum space, and the anomalous Zeeman effect in momentum representationDATTA, SN
2005Transport of excitation energy in a molecular aggregate. VIII. Numerical simulation of exciton processes in thylakoid membranePANDA, A; DATTA, SN
1999Transport of excitation energy in a three-dimensional doped molecular aggregate. VII. Physical chemistry of exciton processes in thylakoid membraneDATTA, SN; SHAH, D
1996Transport of excitation energy in a three-dimensional doped molecular crystal .4. Fourth-order propagation, exciton clothing, and exciton diffusionDATTA, SN; MALLIK, B
1998Transport of excitation energy in thylakoid disc in chloroplast at normal temperatureDATTA, SN