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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Microheterogeneity in Native and Cation-Exchanged Nafion MembranesIYER, ESS; DATTA, A
2003Mobile user recovery in the context of Internet transactionsVANDERMEER, D; DATTA, A; DUTTA, K; RAMAMRITHAM, K; NAVATHE, SB
2010Modulation of fluorescence properties of MMeAQ in micelles and cyclodextrinsBURAI, TN; BAG, N; AGARWAL, S; IYER, ESS; DATTA, A
2011Modulation of Ground- and Excited-State Dynamics of [2,2 '-Bipyridyl]-3,3 '-diol by MicellesDE, D; DATTA, A
2013Modulation of Protonation-Deprotonation Processes of 2-(4 '-Pyridyl)benzimidazole in Its Inclusion Complexes with CyclodextrinsKHORWAL, V; SADHU, B; DEY, A; SUNDARARAJAN, M; DATTA, A
2013Nanoconfinement of Water Layers in Lamellar Structures Prepared in the Presence and Absence of Organic SolventDE, D; SAJJAN, M; NARAYANAN, J; BELLARE, JR; DATTA, A
2017New physics in b -> s mu(+) mu(-) after the measurement of R-KALOK, AK; BHATTACHARYA, B; DATTA, A; KUMAR, D; KUMAR, J; LONDON, D
2012A novel di-triazole based peptide as a highly sensitive and selective fluorescent chemosensor for Zn2+ ionsKOTHA, S; GOYAL, D; BANERJEE, S; DATTA, A
2009A Novel Gate-Assisted Reverse-Read Scheme to Control Bit Coupling and Read Disturb for Multibit/Cell Operation in Deeply Scaled Split-Gate SONOS Flash EEPROM CellsDATTA, A; ASNANI, R; MAHAPATRA, S
1988On the resistivity anomalies above 500-k in some high-tc ceramic superconductorsDATTA, A; MURALEEDHARAN, K; VENKATARAMANI, N; SRIVASTAVA, CM
2012Photoinduced electron transfer between anionic fluorophores and methyl viologen in homogeneous and microheterogeneous mediaBURAI, TN; PANDA, D; IYER, ESS; DATTA, A
2010Photoluminescent Silica Nanotubes and Nanodisks Prepared by the Reverse Micelle Sol-Gel MethodBANERJEE, S; DATTA, A
2013Plumbagin inhibits cytokinesis in Bacillus subtilis by inhibiting FtsZ assembly - a mechanistic study of its antibacterial activityBHATTACHARYA, A; JINDAL, B; SINGH, P; DATTA, A; PANDA, D
2016The Prospect of Salophen in Fluorescence Lifetime Sensing of Al3+KHAN, T; VAIDYA, S; MHATRE, DS; DATTA, A
2012Prototropism of [2,2 '-Bipyridyl]-3,3 '-diol in Albumin-SDS AggregatesDE, D; SANTRA, K; DATTA, A
2004Proxy-based acceleration of dynamically generated content on the World Wide Web: An approach and implementationDATTA, A; DUTTA, K; THOMAS, H; VANDERMEER, D; RAMAMRITHAM, K
2015Quantum Chemical Investigation of Light-Activated Spin State Change in Pyrene Coupled to Oxoverdazyl Radical CenterSADHUKHAN, T; DATTA, A; DATTA, SN
2007ReDAL: An efficient and practical request distribution technique for application server clustersDUTTA, K; DATTA, A; VANDERMEER, D; THOMAS, H; RAMAMRITHAM, K