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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Augmented space recursion study of the effect of disorder on superconductivityGANGULY, S; VENKATASUBRAMANIAN, A; TARAFDER, K; DASGUPTA, I; MOOKERJEE, A
2005Electronic structure and magnetism in doped semiconducting half-Heusler compoundsNANDA, BRK; DASGUPTA, I
2003Electronic structure and magnetism in half-Heusler compoundsNANDA, BRK; DASGUPTA, I
2010Electronic structure and magnetism of transition metal doped Zn(12)O(12) clusters: Role of defectsGANGULI, N; DASGUPTA, I; SANYAL, B
2009Electronic structure of Na(2)CuP(2)O(7): a nearly 2D Heisenberg antiferromagnetic systemSALUNKE, S; SINGH, VR; MAHAJAN, AV; DASGUPTA, I
2007Electronic structure of spin-shape-1/2 Heisenberg antiferromagnetic systems: Ba2Cu(PO4)(2) and Sr2Cu(PO4)(2)SALUNKE, SS; AHSAN, MAH; NATH, R; MAHAJAN, AV; DASGUPTA, I
2007Ferromagnetism in Fe-doped ZnO nanocrystals: Experiment and theoryKARMAKAR, D; MANDAL, SK; KADAM, RM; PAULOSE, PL; RAJARAJAN, AK; NATH, TK; DAS, AK; DASGUPTA, I; DAS, GP
2006Ferromagnetism in Mn doped half-heusler NiTiSn: Theory and experimentSANYAL, B; ERIKSSON, O; SURESH, KG; DASGUPTA, I; NIGAM, AK; NORDBLAD, P
2003A first-principles thermodynamic approach to ordering in binary alloysMOOKERJEE, A; SAHA-DASGUPTA, T; DASGUPTA, I; ARYA, A; BANERJEE, S; DAS, GP
2007High temperature ferromagnetism in Fe-Doped ZnO: a density functional investigationKARMAKAR, D; DASGUPTA, I; DAS, GP; KAWAZOE, Y
2008Magnetic properties and electronic structure of S=1/2 spin gap compound BaCu(2)V(2)O(8)SALUNKE, SS; MAHAJAN, AV; DASGUPTA, I
2010Magnetic properties of Ni(2+x)Mn(1-x)In Heusler alloys: Theory and experimentCHATTERJEE, S; SINGH, VR; DEB, AK; GIRI, S; DE, SK; DASGUPTA, I; MAJUMDAR, S
2009The making of ferromagnetic Fe doped ZnO nanoclustersGANGULI, N; DASGUPTA, I; SANYAL, B
2002Nature of insulating state in NaV2O5 above charge-ordering transition: A cluster dynamical mean-field studyMAZURENKO, VV; LICHTENSTEIN, AI; KATSNELSON, MI; DASGUPTA, I; SAHA-DASGUPTA, T; ANISIMOV, VI
2010Origin of ferroelectric polarization in spiral magnetic structure of MnWO(4)SHANAVAS, KV; CHOUDHURY, D; DASGUPTA, I; SHARMA, SM; SARMA, DD
2009Reply To "Comment On 'Electronic Structure Of Spin-(1)/(2) Heisenberg Antiferromagnetic Systems: Ba(2)Cu(Po(4))(2) And Sr(2)Cu(Po(4))(2)' "SALUNKE, S; AHSAN, MAH; NATH, R; MAHAJAN, AV; DASGUPTA, I
2007Spin-gap behavior in the two-leg spin-ladder BiCu2PO6KOTESWARARAO, B; SALUNKE, S; MAHAJAN, AV; DASGUPTA, I; BOBROFF, J
2004Symmetry reduction in the augmented space recursion formalism for random binary alloysSAHA, KK; SAHA-DASGUPTA, T; MOOKERJEE, A; DASGUPTA, I
Showing results 1 to 18 of 18


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