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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Geology and geochemistry of Pachmarhi dykes and sills, Satpura Gondwana Basin, central India: problems of dyke-sill-flow correlations in the Deccan TrapsSHETH, HC; RAY, JS; RAY, R; VANDERKLUYSEN, L; MAHONEY, JJ; KUMAR, A; SHUKLA, AD; DAS, P; ADHIKARI, S; JANA, B
2008Growth of textured nanocrystalline cobalt ferrite thin films by pulsed laser depositionADITYA, L; SRIVASTAVA, A; SAHOO, SK; DAS, P; MUKHERJEE, C; MISRA, A; REDDY, VR; SHINDE, RS; GUPTA, A; PRASAD, S; SAMAJDAR, I; NANDEDKAR, RV; VENKATARAMANI, N
1997High spin spectroscopy of Pd-100TANDEL, SK; PATEL, SB; DAS, P; SINGH, RP; BHOWMIK, RK
2004Influence of pretreatment for deashing of sugarcane bagasse on pyrolysis productsDAS, P; GANESH, A; WANGIKAR, P
2003Investigations of low- and high-spin states of La-132KUMAR, V; DAS, P; SINGH, RP; MURALITHAR, S; BHOWMIK, RK
1996Lifetime and g-factor measurements of the 11(-) isomer in Tc-92TULAPURKAR, AA; DAS, P; MISHRA, SN; PILLAY, RG; SHEIKH, JA
2016Mathematical Characterization of Protein Sequences Using Patterns as Chemical Group Combinations of Amino AcidsDAS, JK; DAS, P; RAY, KK; CHOUDHURY, PP; JANA, SS
2007Multiparticle M1 band in La-134KUMAR, V; DAS, P; SINGH, RP; KUMAR, R; MURALITHAR, S; BHOWMIK, RK
2009Peak effect phenomena, surface superconductivity and paramagnetic Meissner effect in a spherical single crystal of niobiumDAS, P; TOMY, CV; TAKEYA, H; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; GROVER, AK
2015Phosphorylation of Nonmuscle myosin II-A regulatory light chain resists Sendai virus fusion with host cellsDAS, P; SAHA, S; CHANDRA, S; DAS, A; DEY, SK; DAS, MR; SEN, S; SARKAR, DP; JANA, SS
1996Single-particle states in Dy-149(66)83 at high spinGUPTA, M; DAS, P; PATEL, SB; BHOWMIK, RK; WERNER, T; AKOVALI, YA
2008Spin compensation in YbSr2RuO6SINGH, RP; DAS, P; TOMY, CV
1998Structure of the neutron deficient In-107TANDEL, SK; PATEL, SB; JOSHI, P; MUKHERJEE, G; SINGH, RP; MURALITHAR, S; DAS, P; BHOWMIK, RK
2008Surface superconductivity, positive field cooled magnetization, and peak-effect phenomenon observed in a spherical single crystal of niobiumDAS, P; TOMY, CV; BANERJEE, SS; TAKEYA, H; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; GROVER, AK
2009Thermo-magnetic history effects in the vortex state of YNi(2)B(2)C superconductorDAS, P; TOMY, CV; TAKEYA, H; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; GROVER, AK
2013Triaxial nuclear shapes in I-126KANAGALEKAR, B; DAS, P; BHUJANG, B; MURALITHAR, S; SINGH, RP; BHOWMIK, RK
2009A Versatile Access to Calystegine Analogues as Potential Glycosidases InhibitorsKALIAPPAN, KP; DAS, P; CHAVAN, ST; SABHARWAL, SG