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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Magnetic properties and exchange interactions in TbNi(5-x)M(x) (M=Co and Fe) compounds: Ab initio calculationsLUKOYANOV, AV; HALDAR, A; DAS, A; NAYAK, AK; SURESH, KG; NIGAM, AK
2011Magnetic, magnetocaloric and neutron diffraction studies on TbNi(5-x)M(x) (M = Co and Fe) compoundsHALDAR, A; DHIMAN, I; DAS, A; SURESH, KG; NIGAM, AK
2016Microstructure in plasticity without nonconvexityDAS, A; ACHARYA, A; SUQUET, P
2017MMP proteolytic activity regulates cancer invasiveness by modulating integrinsDAS, A; MONTEIRO, M; BARAI, A; KUMAR, S; SEN, S
1996Modelling and characterization of commercial CMOS IC's under radiationSHANWARE, A; GODAMBE, N; VASI, J; CHANDORKAR, A; DAS, A
1998A Monte Carlo approach for incorporation of memory effect in switched gate bias experimentsSUBBARAMAN, S; SHARMA, DK; VASI, J; DAS, A
2002A new scale adaptive wavelet thresholding method for denoising using chi-square test statisticDAS, A; DESAI, UB; VAIDYA, PP
2016Numerical modelling of gas metal arc joining of aluminium alloy and galvanised steels in lap joint configurationDAS, A; SHOME, M; GOECKE, SF; DE, A
2009On a method to construct magic rectangles of even orderDE LOS REYES, JP; DAS, A; MIDHA, CK; VELLAISAMY, P
2008On E(s(2))-optimal supersaturated designsDAS, A; DEY, A; CHAN, LY; CHATTERJEE, K
2014On the construction of restricted minimum aberration designsSUEN, CY; DAS, A; MIDHA, CK
2013Optimal fractional factorial designs and their constructionSUEN, CY; DAS, A; MIDHA, CK
2016Optimal two-level designs for partial profile choice experimentsMANNA, S; DAS, A
2015Phosphorylation of Nonmuscle myosin II-A regulatory light chain resists Sendai virus fusion with host cellsDAS, P; SAHA, S; CHANDRA, S; DAS, A; DEY, SK; DAS, MR; SEN, S; SARKAR, DP; JANA, SS
2012Pre-intercalation of long chain fatty acid in the interlayer space of layered silicates and preparation of montmorillonite/natural rubber nanocompositesROOJ, S; DAS, A; STOCKELHUBER, KW; MUKHOPADHYAY, N; BHATTACHARYYA, AR; JEHNICHEN, D; HEINRICH, G
2011Quantum dot polarized light sourcesBHATTACHARYA, P; BASU, D; DAS, A; SAHA, D
1996RADCAP: A MOS capacitor simulator for radiation effectsZAMAN, P; PATRIKAR, SJ; GOEL, M; BHARADWAJ, V; DAS, A; SHARMA, DK; VASI, J
1996RADSPICE: A circuit simulator to predict the effects of radiationCHUMBER, HK; KALAVADE, PP; PARIKH, CD; DAS, A
2015Recognition of fractional non-innocent feature of osmium coordinated 2,2 '-biimidazole or 2,2 '-bis(4,5-dimethylimidazole) and their interactions with anionsDAS, A; MOBIN, SM; LAHIRI, GK
2011Reductive Approach to Mixed Valency (n=1-) in the Pyrazine Ligand-Bridged [(acac)(2)Ru(mu-L(2-))Ru(acac)(2)](n) (L(2-)=2,5-Pyrazine-dicarboxylate) through Experiment and TheoryDAS, A; SCHERER, T; MAJI, S; MONDAL, TK; MOBIN, SM; URBANOS, FA; JIMENEZ-APARICIO, R; KAIM, W; LAHIRI, GK