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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Closure to "Seismic Uplift Capacity of Horizontal Strip Anchors Using a Modified Pseudodynamic Approach" by Anindya Pain, Deepankar Choudhury, and S. K. BhattacharyyaPAIN, A; CHOUDHURY, D; BHATTACHARYYA, SK
2010Computations of uplift capacity of pile anchors in cohesionless soilDESHMUKH, VB; DEWAIKAR, DM; CHOUDHURY, D
2017Correlations of Uniaxial Compressive Strength of Rock Mass with Conventional Strength Properties through Random Number GenerationKUMAR, R; BHARGAVA, K; CHOUDHURY, D
2007Design of waterfront retaining wall for the passive case under earthquake and tsunamiCHOUDHURY, D; AHMAD, SM
2015Deterministic seismic hazard analysis considering different seismicity levels for the state of Goa, IndiaNAIK, N; CHOUDHURY, D
2016DSSI analysis of pile foundations for an oil tank in IraqKUMAR, A; CHOUDHURY, D
2015Dynamic analyses and field observations on piles in Kolkata cityCHATTERJEE, K; CHOUDHURY, D; RAO, VD; MUKHERJEE, SP
2010Effect of cohesion and fill amplification on seismic stability of municipal solid waste landfills using limit equilibrium methodSAVOIKAR, P; CHOUDHURY, D
2017Effect of dynamic soil properties and frequency content of harmonic excitation on the internal stability of reinforced soil retaining structurePAIN, A; CHOUDHURY, D; BHATTACHARYYA, SK
2016Effect of Earthquake on Combined Pile-Raft FoundationKUMAR, A; CHOUDHURY, D; KATZENBACH, R
2008Effects of body waves and soil amplification on seismic earth pressuresNIMBALKAR, SS; CHOUDHURY, D
2009Equivalent-linear seismic analyses of MSW landfills using DEEPSOILCHOUDHURY, D; SAVOIKAR, P
2012Estimation of seismic ground motions using deterministic approach for major cities of GujaratSHUKLA, J; CHOUDHURY, D
2013Estimation of seismic uplift capacity of horizontal strip anchors using pseudo-dynamic approachRANGARI, SM; CHOUDHURY, D; DEWAIKAR, DM
2015Exploring Thermochromic Behavior of Hydrated Hybrid Perovskites in Solar CellsHALDER, A; CHOUDHURY, D; GHOSH, S; SUBBIAH, AS; SARKAR, SK
2007External stability of reinforced soil walls under seismic conditionsCHOUDHURY, D; NIMBALKAR, SS; MANDAL, JN
2009External stability of waterfront reinforced soil structures under seismic conditions using a pseudo-static approachCHOUDHURY, D; AHMAD, SM
2016Generalized framework to predict undrained uplift capacity of buried offshore pipelinesMAITRA, S; CHATTERJEE, S; CHOUDHURY, D
2017Generalized Seismic Active Thrust on a Retaining Wall with Submerged Backfill Using a Modified Pseudodynamic MethodRAJESH, BG; CHOUDHURY, D