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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Hydrogeochemical and isotopic study of thermal and mineralized waters from the Nevsehir (Kozakli) area, Central TurkeyPASVANOGLU, S; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D
1999Hydrogeochemistry of Damt thermal springs, Yemen RepublicFARA, M; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D; MINISSALE, A
2005Impact of irrigation with As rich groundwater on soil and crops: a geochemical case study in West Bengal Delta Plain, IndiaNORRA, S; BERNER, ZA; AGARWALA, P; WAGNER, F; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D; STÜBEN, D
2010Influence of traditional agricultural practices on mobilization of arsenic from sediments to groundwater in Bengal deltaFAROOQ, SH; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D; BERNER, Z; NORRA, S; STUBEN, D
1992Lattice variation and stability of nacl-kcl mixed-crystals grown from aqueous-solutionsSHAJAN, XS; SIVARAMAN, K; MAHADEVAN, C; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D
2016Magnetic anomalies over the Andaman Islands and their geological significanceRAO, PBVS; RADHAKRISHNA, M; HARIPRIYA, K; RAO, BS; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D
2016Major and trace element concentrations in the geothermal springs along the west coast of Maharashtra, IndiaGURAV, T; SINGH, HK; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D
2007Nature of sub-volcanic magma chambers, Deccan Province, India: Evidence from quantitative textural analysis of plagioclase megacrysts in the giant plagioclase basaltsHIGGINS, MD; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D
2017On the distribution and speciation of arsenic in the soil-plant-system of a rice field in West-Bengal, India: A mu-synchrotron techniques based case studyKRAMAR, U; NORRA, S; BERNER, Z; KICZKA, M; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D
2000Origin and evolution of ‘intracratonic’ thermal fluids from central-western peninsular IndiaMINISSALE, A; VASELLI, O; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D; MAGRO, G; TASSI, F; CASIGLIA, A
2000Petrogenetic significance of ferro-enstatite orthopyroxene in basaltic dikes from the Tapi rift, Deccan flood basalt province, IndiaCHANDRASEKHARAM, D; VASELLI, O; SHETH, HC; KESHAV, S
2004Petrology of the prehistoric lavas and dyke of the Barren Island, Andaman Sea, Indian oceanALAM, MA; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D; VASELLI, O; CAPACCIONI, B; MANETTI, P; SANTO, PB
2015Physico-chemical characteristics of Jharkhand and West Bengal thermal springs along SONATA mega lineament, IndiaSINGH, HK; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D; VASELLI, O; TRUPTI, G; SINGH, B; LASHIN, A; AL ARIFI, N
2014Plagioclase as recorder of magma chamber processes in the Deccan Traps: Sr-isotope zoning and implications for Deccan eruptive eventBORGES, MR; SEN, G; HART, GL; WOLFF, JA; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D
1997Plume-rift interaction in the Deccan volcanic provinceSHETH, HC; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D
1996Polyureas by interfacial polycondensation: Preparation and propertiesYADAV, SK; RON, N; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D; KHILAR, KC; SURESH, AK; NADKARNI, VM
2012Spherulites and thundereggs from pitchstones of the Deccan Traps: geology, petrochemistry, and emplacement environmentsKSHIRSAGAR, PV; SHETH, HC; SEAMAN, SJ; SHAIKH, B; MOHITE, P; GURAV, T; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D
2011Temporal variations in arsenic concentration in the groundwater of Murshidabad District, West Bengal, IndiaFAROOQ, SH; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D; NORRA, S; BERNER, Z; EICHE, E; THAMBIDURAI, P; STUBEN, D
1999Trace element distribution and cobalt content in sulphide ores of Kalyadi, KarnatakaMATHEW, B; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D