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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The impact of confinement enhancement AlGaAs barrier on the optical and structural properties of InAs/InGaAs/GaAs submonolayer quantum dot heterostructuresDAS, D; GHADI, H; TONGBRAM, B; SINGH, SM; CHAKRABARTI, S
2012The impact of monolayer coverage, barrier thickness and growth rate on the thermal stability of photoluminescence of coupled InAs/GaAs quantum dot hetero-structure with quaternary capping of InAlGaAsMANDAL, A; VERMA, U; HALDER, N; CHAKRABARTI, S
2017Impact of vertical inter-QDs spacing correlation with the strain energy in a coupled bilayer quantum dot heterostructureTONGBRAM, B; MANDAL, A; SENGUPTA, S; CHAKRABARTI, S
2004Improvement of alignment accuracy utilizing sequentially conserved motifsCHAKRABARTI, S; BHARDWAJ, N; ANAND, PA; SOWDHAMINI, R
2014Increased photoluminescence of hydrogen-implanted ZnO thin films deposited using a pulsed laser deposition techniqueNAGAR, S; GUPTA, SK; CHAKRABARTI, S
2016Increasing peak detectivity (D*) of In0.5Ga0.5As/GaAs quantum dot infrared photodetectors by up to two orders with high-energy proton implantationUPADHYAY, S; MANDAL, A; GHADI, H; PAL, D; BASU, A; SUBRAHMANYAM, NBV; SINGH, P; CHAKRABARTI, S
2011Index design and query processing for graph conductance searchCHAKRABARTI, S; PATHAK, A; GUPTA, M
2017Indigenous development of 320 x 256 focal-plane array using InAs/InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots-in-a-well infrared detectors for thermal imagingKUMARI, KCG; GHADI, H; SAMUDRAIAH, DRM; CHAKRABARTI, S
2012Inhibition of emission wavelength blueshift in annealed InAs/GaAs quantum dot stacks: an important observation for their potential application in photovoltaic devicesHALDER, N; ADHIKARY, S; CHAKRABARTI, S
2010Investigation of strain in self-assembled multilayer InAs/GaAs quantum dot heterostructuresADHIKARY, S; HALDER, N; CHAKRABARTI, S; MAJUMDAR, S; RAY, SK; HERRERA, M; BONDS, M; BROWNING, ND
2011Investigation of the effect of larger monolayer coverage in the active layer of bilayer InAs/GaAs quantum-dot structure and effects of post-growth annealingSENGUPTA, S; SHAH, SY; GHOSH, K; HALDER, N; CHAKRABARTI, S
2009Investigation of the effect of varying growth pauses on the structural and optical properties of InAs/GaAs quantum dot heterostructuresSENGUPTA, S; HALDER, N; CHAKRABARTI, S; HERRERA, M; BONDS, M; BROWNING, ND
2013Investigation of thermal interdiffusion in InAs/In0.15Ga0.85As/GaAs quantum dot-in-a-well heterostructuresAGARWAL, A; SRUJAN, M; CHAKRABARTI, S; KRISHNA, S
2006Learning parameters in entity relationship graphs from ranking preferencesCHAKRABARTI, S; AGARWAL, A
2013Magneto-optical Kerr effect spectroscopy based study of Lande g-factor for holes in GaAs/AlGaAs single quantum wells under low magnetic fieldsARORA, A; MANDAL, A; CHAKRABARTI, S; GHOSH, S
2017Minimization of material inter-diffusion for thermally stable quaternary-capped InAs quantum dot via strain modificationGHADI, H; SEHARA, N; MURKUTE, P; CHAKRABARTI, S
2013More than one order enhancement in peak detectivity (D*) for quantum dot infrared photodetectors implanted with low energy light ions (H-)MANDAL, A; AGARWAL, A; GHADI, H; KUMARI, KCG; BASU, A; SUBRAHMANYAM, NBV; SINGH, P; CHAKRABARTI, S
2013Multi-stack InAs/InGaAs sub-monolayer quantum dots infrared photodetectorsKIM, JO; SENGUPTA, S; BARVE, AV; SHARMA, YD; ADHIKARY, S; LEE, SJ; NOH, SK; ALLEN, MS; ALLEN, JW; CHAKRABARTI, S; KRISHNA, S
2012A multicolor, broadband (5-20 mu m), quaternary-capped InAs/GaAs quantum dot infrared photodetectorADHIKARY, S; AYTAC, Y; MEESALA, S; WOLDE, S; PERERA, AGU; CHAKRABARTI, S