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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Cobalt and manganese nets via their wires: Facile transformation in metal-diorganophosphatesPOTHIRAJA, R; SATHIYENDIRAN, M; BUTCHER, RJ; MURUGAVEL, R
2009Conformational and Isomeric Preferences of Six-Membered Inorganic Heterocycles [EtNP(E)(OR)](3) (E = Lone Pair, O, S, or Se): A Synthetic, Spectroscopic, Structural, and Computational StudyMURUGAVEL, R; PRABUSANKAR, G; SHARMA, A; SUNOJ, RB; BUTCHER, RJ
2003Contrasting behavior of bis[2-(4,4-dimethyl-2-oxazolinyl)phenyl] chalcogenides (Se/Te) toward mercuric chloride: Facile cleavage of the Te-C bondAPTE, SD; ZADE, SS; SINGH, HB; BUTCHER, RJ
2004Contrasting coordination behaviour of 22-membered chalcogenaaza (Se, Te) macrocycles towards Pd(II) and Pt(II): Isolation and structural characterization of the first metallamacrocyle with a C-Pt-Se linkagePANDA, S; SINGHA, HB; BUTCHER, RJ
2014Crystal Structures of the Complexes of Zn(II), Cd(II), and Hg(II) with 1,2,5-Selenadiazolopyridine: Ligation of N vs Se ?SINGH, P; SHARMA, S; SINGH, HB; BUTCHER, RJ
1990The crystal-structure of a precursor ligand to organic metals, S5C7H8JASINSKI, JP; PAIGHT, ES; SINGH, HB; BUTCHER, RJ
1990The crystal-structure of a tellurium derivative containing ferrocene, Bis[phenyl-N-cyclopentadienyl-tellurium] ironJASINSKI, JP; PAIGHT, ES; SINGH, HB; BUTCHER, RJ
2012Dibromidochlorido{2-[(dimethylamino)-methyl]phenyl-kappa N-2,C-1}tellurium(IV)RAKESH, P; SINGH, HB; BUTCHER, RJ
1998Diferrocenyl diselenides: excellent thiol peroxidase-like antioxidantsMUGESH, G; PANDA, A; SINGH, HB; PUNEKAR, NS; BUTCHER, RJ
1998Dithiaheterocycle-annelated tetrathiafulvalene pi-donors: a structure-property correlation studyKUMAR, EVKS; SINGH, JD; SINGH, HB; DAS, K; YAKHMI, JV; BUTCHER, RJ
2010Effect of Five Membered Versus Six Membered Meso-Substituents on Structure and Electronic Properties of Mg(II) Porphyrins: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical StudyGHOSH, A; MOBIN, SM; FROHLICH, R; BUTCHER, RJ; MAITY, DK; RAVIKANTH, M
2017An Efficient Synthetic Approach to trans-(NHC)(2)Pd(R)Br Type Complexes and Their Use in Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling ReactionsKUMAR, A; PRAKASHAM, AP; GANGWAR, MK; VISHNOI, P; BUTCHER, RJ; GHOSH, P
2009Facile Cleavage of Organochalcogen Hybrid (NEEN, NEN, EN, where E = Se or Te) Ligand C-E and E-E Bonds by Pd(II)KAUR, R; MENON, SC; PANDA, S; SINGH, HB; PATEL, RP; BUTCHER, RJ
2012Facile synthesis of benzimidazolin-2-chalcogenones: Nature of the carbon-chalcogen bondMANJARE, ST; SHARMA, S; SINGH, HB; BUTCHER, RJ
1999The first example of a structurally characterized monomeric bismuth selenolateMUGESH, G; SINGH, HB; BUTCHER, RJ
2007First organotin complex of a phosphonic diamide RP(O)(NHR)(2)MURUGAVEL, R; POTHIRAJA, R; SHANMUGAN, S; SINGH, N; BUTCHER, RJ
2015Fluoride-free Hiyama coupling by palladium abnormal N-heterocyclic carbene complexesMODAK, S; GANGWAR, MK; RAO, MN; MADASU, M; KALITA, AC; DORCET, V; SHEJALE, MA; BUTCHER, RJ; GHOSH, P
2017From Mixed-Valent Phenyltellurenyl Bromide Ph(Br-2)TeTePh to the Isolation of [{(C6H5)Te}(19)O24Br5]Br-4YADAV, S; SINGH, HB; ZELLER, M; BUTCHER, RJ
2011Functional mimics of catechol oxidase by mononuclear copper complexes of sterically demanding [NNO] ligandsPANDA, MK; SHAIKH, MM; BUTCHER, RJ; GHOSH, P
2001Glutathione peroxidase-like antioxidant activity of diaryl diselenides: A mechanistic studyMUGESH, G; PANDA, A; SINGH, HB; PUNEKAR, NS; BUTCHER, RJ