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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001First synthesis of indane-based alpha-amino acid derivatives with a crown ether side chainKOTHA, S; BRAHMACHARY, E
1999A general and simple method for the synthesis of star-shaped thiophene derivativesKOTHA, S; CHAKRABORTY, K; BRAHMACHARY, E
1997A simple route to cyclopentane annulationKOTHA, S; BRAHMACHARY, E; SIVAKUMAR, R; JOSEPH, A; SREENIVASACHARY, N
1997Synthesis of a novel constrained alpha-amino acid with quinoxaline side chain: 7-amino-6,7-dihydro-8H-cyclopenta[g]quinoxaline-7-carboxylic acidKOTHA, S; BRAHMACHARY, E; KUKI, A; LANG, K; ANGLOS, D; SINGARAM, B; CHRISMAN, W
1997Synthesis of conformationally constrained alpha-amino acid derivatives using ethyl isocyanoacetate as glycine equivalentKOTHA, S; BRAHMACHARY, E
1998Synthesis of constrained alpha-amino acid derivatives via Diels-Alder approachKOTHA, S; BRAHMACHARY, E; SREENIVASACHARY, N
1998Synthesis of constrained alpha-amino acid derivatives via enyne metathesis reactionKOTHA, S; SREENIVASACHARY, N; BRAHMACHARY, E
2002Synthesis of highly functionalized phenylalanine derivatives via cross-enyne metathesis reactionsKOTHA, S; HALDER, S; BRAHMACHARY, E
2000Synthesis of indan-based unusual alpha-amino acid derivatives under phase-transfer catalysis conditionsKOTHA, S; BRAHMACHARY, E
2000Synthesis of unusual alpha-amino acid derivatives via cross-enyne metathesis reactionKOTHA, S; HALDER, S; BRAHMACHARY, E; GANESH, T
1997Synthesis of unusual alpha-amino acids via a 2+2+2 cycloaddition strategyKOTHA, S; BRAHMACHARY, E
2005Transition metal catalyzed [2+2+2] cycloaddition and application in organic synthesisKOTHA, S; BRAHMACHARY, E; LAHIRI, K