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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009PP/ABS Blends with Carbon Black: Morphology and Electrical PropertiesHOM, S; BHATTACHARYYA, AR; KHARE, RA; KULKARNI, AR; SAROOP, M; BISWAS, A
2010Risk-sensitive control with near monotone costBISWAS, A; BORKAR, VS; KUMAR, KS
2010Risk-Sensitive Control with Near Monotone CostBISWAS, A; BORKAR, VS; KUMAR, KS
2009SAXS Analysis of Polypropylene-Layered Silicate Nanocomposites: An Integrated Correlations Functions Approach Using an Exfoliation FactorRASHEED, ASA; PRESCHILLA, N; SIVALINGAM, G; TYAGI, S; BISWAS, A; BELLARE, JR
2017Scaling dependence and synchronization of forced mercury beating heart systemsBISWAS, A; DAS, D; PARMANANDA, P
2017SiOx containing diamond like carbon coatings: Effect of substrate bias during depositionBARVE, SA; CHOPADE, SS; KAR, R; CHAND, N; DEO, MN; BISWAS, A; PATEL, NN; RAO, GM; PATIL, DS; SINHA, S
2008Spectroscopic ellipsometry studies of GaN films deposited by reactive rf sputtering of GaAs targetBISWAS, A; BHATTACHARYYA, D; SAHOO, NK; YADAV, BS; MAJOR, SS; SRINIVASA, RS
2011Spectroscopic ellipsometry studies of reactively sputtered nitrogen-rich GaAsN filmsBISWAS, A; YADAV, BS; BHATTACHARYYA, D; SAHOO, NK; MAJOR, SS; SRINIVASA, RS
2013Structural Basis of the Substrate Specificity of Cytidine Deaminase Superfamily Guanine DeaminaseBITRA, A; BISWAS, A; ANAND, R
1984Studies on the development of wearable artificial-kidney machine based on lymph purificationBASU, S; BISWAS, A
2010Study of Layered Silicate Clays as Synergistic Nucleating Agent for PolypropylenePRESCHILLA, N; RASHEED, ASA; SAHADEVAN, S; BISWAS, A; BELLARE, JR; SHYAMROY, S
2002A study of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis of NiAl in thermal explosion modeBISWAS, A; ROY, SK; GURUMURTHY, KR; PRABHU, N; BANERJEE, S