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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Defect and microstructural evolution during drying of soapnut-based alumina foamsPRADHAN, M; BHARGAVA, P
2009Densification and grain growth during isothermal sintering of Mo and mechanically alloyed Mo-TZMMAJUMDAR, S; RAVEENDRA, S; SAMAJDAR, I; BHARGAVA, P; SHARMA, IG
2015Effect of aging conditions on the performance of dip coated platinum counter electrode based dye sensitized solar cellsMOHANTY, SP; MORE, V; BHARGAVA, P
2013Effect of amount of dye in the TiO2 photoanode on electron transport, recombination, J(sc) and V-oc of dye-sensitized solar cellsJENA, AK; BHARGAVA, P
2016Effect of casting condition on the porosity of polymer membrane and its impact on the photoelectrochemical behavior of dye-sensitized solar cellsMOHANTY, SP; BHARGAVA, P
2016Effect of Cleaning Process of Substrate on the Efficiency of the DSSCMORE, V; SHIVADE, V; BHARGAVA, P
2014Effect of Heat Treatment Schedules and Glass Powder Particle Size on Glass Infiltration in Porous Alumina PreformsBAJPAI, P; BHARGAVA, P
2008Effect of milling time on the rheology of highly loaded aqueous-fused silica slurryMOHANTA, K; BHARGAVA, P
2012Effect of Pore Characteristics in Slip Cast Alumina on Glass Infiltration and Mechanical Properties of the CompositesBAJPAI, P; BHARGAVA, P
2013Effect of Process Parameters and Binder Concentration on Mechanical Properties of Phosphate Bonded AluminaKUMAR, P; TIWARI, AN; BHARGAVA, P
2015Effect of surfactant on dispersion of alumina in photopolymerizable monomers and their UV curing behavior for microstereolithographyADAKE, CV; BHARGAVA, P; GANDHI, P
2017Electrodeposited copper current collecting fingers for DSSCsMORE, V; BHARGAVA, P
2009Electrophoretic Deposition of 8YSZ on Lanthanum Strontium Manganite SubstratesBANERJEE, S; RAO, S; BHARGAVA, P
2017Experimental evaluation of room temperature crystallization and phase evolution of hybrid perovskite materialsPRATHAPANI, S; CHOUDHARY, D; MALLICK, S; BHARGAVA, P; YELLA, A
2015Fabrication of a counter electrode using glucose as carbon material for dye sensitized solar cellsKUMAR, R; BHARGAVA, P
2017Fabrication of low specific resistance ceramic carbon composites by colloidal processing using glucose as soluble carbon sourceKUMAR, R; BHARGAVA, P
2015Fluorescent ZnO for imaging and induction of DNA fragmentation and ROS-mediated apoptosis in cancer cellsGUPTA, J; BHARGAVA, P; BAHADUR, D
2017Green synthesis of Ag and the effect of Ag on the efficiency of TiO2 based dye sensitized solar cellSOLAIYAMMAL, T; MUNIYAPPAN, S; KEERTHANA, BGT; NEMALA, SS; BHARGAVA, P; MURUGAKOOTHAN, P
2017High efficiency dye sensitized solar cell made by carbon derived from sucroseKUMAR, R; NEMALA, SS; MALLICK, S; BHARGAVA, P
2015Impact of Electrolytes Based on Different Solvents on the Long Term Stability of Dye Sensitized Solar CellsMOHANTY, SP; BHARGAVA, P