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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A hybrid MD-DSMC coupling method to investigate flow characteristics of micro-devicesWATVISAVE, DS; PURANIK, BP; BHANDARKAR, UV
2017Ignition delay study of aluminium oxide liquid nano-fuel in a shock tubeTRIPATHI, DK; GARG, G; AGRAWAL, U; MENEZES, V; BHANDARKAR, UV; PURANIK, BP
2016Investigation of rarefied gas flow in microchannels of non-uniform cross sectionHEMADRI, V; VARADE, VV; AGRAWAL, A; BHANDARKAR, UV
2013Investigation of Wall Effects on Flow Characteristics of a High Knudsen Number NozzleWATVISAVE, DS; BHANDARKAR, UV; PURANIK, BP
2014A model of laser ablation with temperature-dependent material properties, vaporization, phase explosion and plasma shieldingMARLA, D; BHANDARKAR, UV; JOSHI, SS
2016Modeling wall effects in a micro-scale shock tube using hybrid MD-DSMC algorithmWATVISAVE, DS; PURANIK, BP; BHANDARKAR, UV
2014Models for predicting temperature dependence of material properties of aluminumMARLA, D; BHANDARKAR, UV; JOSHI, SS
2013Note: Matching index technique for avoiding higher order mode resonance in accelerators: INDUS-2 accelerator as a case studyJAIN, V; BHANDARKAR, UV; JOSHI, SC; KRISHNAGOPAL, S
2014A participatory decision making process for community-level water supplyHONKALASKAR, VH; SOHONI, M; BHANDARKAR, UV
2017Rarefied gas flow in converging microchannel in slip and early transition regimesHEMADRI, V; VARADE, VV; AGRAWAL, A; BHANDARKAR, UV
2009Simulation of Thermo-fluid Interactions in Cryogenic Stage Turbine Startup System Using AUSM plus -UP-based Higher-order Accurate Flow SolverNAIR, P; JAYACHANDRAN, T; PURANIK, B; BHANDARKAR, UV
2014Thermo-chemical modelling of a village cookstove for design improvementHONKALASKAR, VH; SOHONI, M; BHANDARKAR, UV
2017Thermophoresis deposition studies for NaCl and diesel exhaust particulate matter under laminar flowBHUSNOOR, SS; BHANDARKAR, UV; SETHI, V; PARIKH, PP