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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008MCM-41-supported organometallic-derived nanopalladium as a selective hydrogenation catalystMAITY, N; RAJAMOHANAN, PR; GANAPATHY, S; GOPINATH, CS; BHADURI, S; LAHIRI, GK
2012MgCl2 center dot 4((CH3)(2)CHCH2OH): A new molecular adduct for the preparation of TiClx/MgCl2 catalyst for olefin polymerizationTHUSHARA, KS; GNANAKUMAR, ES; MATHEW, R; AJITHKUMAR, TG; RAJAMOHANAN, PR; BHADURI, S; GOPINATH, CS
2011[Pd(L)Cl(2)]-Catalyzed Selective Hydroxylation of Arylboronic Acids to PhenolsCHOWDHURY, AD; MOBIN, SM; MUKHERJEE, S; BHADURI, S; LAHIRI, GK
2011Pentacoordinated copper-sparteine complexes with chelating nitrite or nitrate ligand: Synthesis and catalytic aspectsINDRA, A; MOBIN, SM; BHADURI, S; LAHIRI, GK
2003Platinum carbonyl cluster derived catalyst of superior activity in ketone and unusual selectivity in nitrile hydrogenation reactionsPAUL, H; BHADURI, S; LAHIRI, GK
2005Polyethersulfone supported titanium complexes as ethylene polymerization catalystsGUPTA, V; VINOD, CP; KULKARNI, GU; LAHIRI, GK; MAITY, N; BHADURI, S
2007Reduction of nitrite to NO in an organised triphasic medium by platinum carbonyl clusters and redox active dyes as electron carriersSEN GUPTA, N; BASU, S; PAYRA, P; MATHUR, P; BHADURI, S; LAHIRI, GK
2011Selective hydrogenation of chloronitrobenzenes with an MCM-41 supported platinum allyl complex derived catalystINDRA, A; RAJAMOHANAN, PR; GOPINATH, CS; BHADURI, S; LAHIRI, GK
2004Studies on the reactions of dihydrogen with salts of platinum carbonyl cluster anions (Chini clusters) and redox active countercationsBHADURI, S; SEN GUPTA, N; LAHIRI, GK; MATHUR, P
2007Superior performance of a nanostructured platinum catalyst in water: Hydrogenations of alkenes, aldehydes and nitroaromaticsMAITY, P; BASU, S; BHADURI, S; LAHIRI, GK
2009A water soluble heteropolyoxotungstate as a selective, efficient and environment friendly oxidation catalystMAITY, P; MUKESH, D; BHADURI, S; LAHIRI, GK