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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Rapid efficient synthesis and characterization of silver, gold, and bimetallic nanoparticles from the medicinal plant Plumbago zeylanica and their application in biofilm controlSALUNKE, GR; GHOSH, S; KUMAR, RJS; KHADE, S; VASHISTH, P; KALE, T; CHOPADE, S; PRUTHI, V; KUNDU, G; BELLARE, JR; BELLARE, JR
2001Reactive organization of particles into macroscopic length scales by myelin growthHOTA, G; BELLARE, JR; KHILAR, KC; MANOHAR, C
2014Redox Decomposition of Silver Citrate Complex in Nanoscale Confinement: An Unusual Mechanism of Formation and Growth of Silver NanoparticlesPATRA, S; PANDEY, AK; SEN, D; RAMAGIRI, SV; BELLARE, JR; MAZUMDER, S; GOSWAMI, A
2012The role of zeolite nanoparticles additive on morphology, mechanical properties and performance of polysulfone hollow fiber membranesDAHE, GJ; TEOTIA, RS; BELLARE, JR
2009SAXS Analysis of Polypropylene-Layered Silicate Nanocomposites: An Integrated Correlations Functions Approach Using an Exfoliation FactorRASHEED, ASA; PRESCHILLA, N; SIVALINGAM, G; TYAGI, S; BISWAS, A; BELLARE, JR
2001Scoring of surface parameters of physiological relevance to surfactant therapy in respiratory distress syndromeBANERJEE, R; BELLARE, JR
2007Self-assembled surfactant nano-structures important in drug delivery: a reviewSAGAR, GH; ARUNAGIRINATHAN, MA; BELLARE, JR
2012Size dependent optical properties of the CdSe-CdS core-shell quantum dots in the strong confinement regimeMATHEW, S; SARAN, AD; BHARDWAJ, BS; JOSEPH, SA; RADHAKRISHNAN, P; NAMPOORI, VPN; VALLABHAN, CPG; BELLARE, JR
2012Study of core-shell structure of cesium dodecylsulfate micelles using small-angle X-ray and neutron scatteringKANUNGO, S; NARAYANAN, J; ASWAL, VK; BELLARE, JR; GOYAL, PS
2010Study of Layered Silicate Clays as Synergistic Nucleating Agent for PolypropylenePRESCHILLA, N; RASHEED, ASA; SAHADEVAN, S; BISWAS, A; BELLARE, JR; SHYAMROY, S
2008A study of the effect of JB particles on Saccharomyces cerevisiae (yeast) cells by Raman spectroscopyBHOWMICK, TK; PYRGIOTAKIS, G; FINTON, K; SURESH, AK; KANE, SG; MOUDGIL, B; BELLARE, JR
2012Superposition of Quantum Confinement Energy (SQCE) model for estimating shell thickness in core-shell quantum dots: Validation and comparisonSARAN, AD; MEHRA, A; BELLARE, JR
2011Synthesis of BF(2) Complexes of Prodigiosin Type OligopyrrolesRAO, MR; TIWARI, MD; BELLARE, JR; RAVIKANTH, M
2011Synthesis of BF(2) Complexes of Prodigiosin Type OligopyrrolesRAO, MR; TIWARI, MD; BELLARE, JR; RAVIKANTH, M
2016Three-dimensional scaffold of gelatin-poly(methyl vinyl ether-alt-maleic anhydride) for regenerative medicine: Proliferation and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cellsCHHABRA, H; KUMBHAR, J; RAJWADE, J; JADHAV, S; PAKNIKAR, K; JADHAV, S; BELLARE, JR
1996Ultrafine metal particle formation in reverse micellar systems: Effects of intermicellar exchange on the formation of particlesNATARAJAN, U; HANDIQUE, K; MEHRA, A; BELLARE, JR; KHILAR, KC
2001Ultrastructure of exogenous surfactants using cryogenic scanning electron microscopyBANERJEE, R; BELLARE, JR
2012Why Extreme Dilutions Reach Non-zero Asymptotes: A Nanoparticulate Hypothesis Based on Froth FlotationCHIKRAMANE, PS; KALITA, D; SURESH, AK; KANE, SG; BELLARE, JR