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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Manufacture of liposomes - a reviewWATWE, RM; BELLARE, JR
2016Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of an Occlusion Device in a Blood VesselSONETHA, VA; BELLARE, JR
2017Metal nanoparticle induced hormetic activation: a novel mechanism of homeopathic medicinesCHIKRAMANE, PS; SURESH, AK; KANE, SG; BELLARE, JR
2004Micro-Raman investigations of myelins in aerosol-OT/ water systemARUNAGIRINATHAN, MA; ROY, M; DUA, AK; MANOHAR, C; BELLARE, JR
1997Microstructure evolution in chelated partially hydrolysed alumina sols during sonogellingHARIDAS, MM; BELLARE, JR
2012Mineralization of nanohydroxyapatite on electrospun poly(L-lactic acid)/gelatin by an alternate soaking process: A biomimetic scaffold for bone regenerationJAISWAL, AK; CHANDRA, V; BHONDE, RR; SONI, VP; BELLARE, JR
2011Modelling the Cytotoxicity of CisplatinSRESHT, V; BELLARE, JR; GUPTA, SK
2011Modelling the Cytotoxicity of CisplatinSRESHT, V; BELLARE, JR; GUPTA, SK
2016A nano zinc oxide doped electrospun scaffold improves wound healing in a rodent modelCHHABRA, H; DESHPANDE, R; KANITKAR, M; JAISWAL, A; KALE, VP; BELLARE, JR
2013Nanoconfinement of Water Layers in Lamellar Structures Prepared in the Presence and Absence of Organic SolventDE, D; SAJJAN, M; NARAYANAN, J; BELLARE, JR; DATTA, A
2012Nonlinear optical characterization and measurement of optical limiting threshold of CdSe quantum dots prepared by a microemulsion techniqueMATHEW, S; SARAN, AD; JOSEPH, SA; BHARDWAJ, BS; PUNJ, D; RADHAKRISHNAN, P; NAMPOORI, VPN; VALLABHAN, CPG; BELLARE, JR
2016Odanacatib Restores Trabecular Bone of Skeletally Mature Female Rabbits With Osteopenia but Induces Brittleness of Cortical Bone: A Comparative Study of the Investigational Drug With PTH, Estrogen, and AlendronateKHAN, MP; SINGH, AK; SINGH, AK; SHRIVASTAVA, P; TIWARI, MC; NAGAR, GK; BORA, HK; PARAMESWARAN, V; SANYAL, S; BELLARE, JR; CHATTOPADHYAY, N
2011An optimized quantum dot-ligand system for biosensing applications: Evaluation as a glucose biosensorSARAN, AD; SADAWANA, MM; SRIVASTAVA, R; BELLARE, JR
2015Ovariectomized Rats with Established Osteopenia have Diminished Mesenchymal Stem Cells in the Bone Marrow and Impaired Homing, Osteoinduction and Bone Regeneration at the Fracture SiteTEWARI, D; KHAN, MP; SAGAR, N; CHINA, SP; SINGH, AK; KHERUKA, SC; BARAI, S; TEWARI, MC; NAGAR, GK; VISHWAKARMA, AL; OGECHUKWU, OE; BELLARE, JR; GAMBHIR, S; CHATTOPADHYAY, N
2009Physicochemical characterization of an Indian traditional medicine, Jasada Bhasma: detection of nanoparticles containing non-stoichiometric zinc oxideBHOWMICK, TK; SURESH, AK; KANE, SG; JOSHI, AC; BELLARE, JR
2010Plasticised polymer inclusion membrane as tunable host for stable gold nanoparticlesKUMAR, R; PANDEY, AK; GOSWAMI, A; SHUKLA, R; RAMAGIRI, SV; BELLARE, JR
2012Protein based nanoparticles as platforms for aspirin delivery for ophthalmologic applicationsDAS, S; BELLARE, JR; BANERJEE, R
2014Rapid efficient synthesis and characterization of silver, gold, and bimetallic nanoparticles from the medicinal plant Plumbago zeylanica and their application in biofilm controlSALUNKE, GR; GHOSH, S; KUMAR, RJS; KHADE, S; VASHISTH, P; KALE, T; CHOPADE, S; PRUTHI, V; KUNDU, G; BELLARE, JR; BELLARE, JR
2001Reactive organization of particles into macroscopic length scales by myelin growthHOTA, G; BELLARE, JR; KHILAR, KC; MANOHAR, C
2014Redox Decomposition of Silver Citrate Complex in Nanoscale Confinement: An Unusual Mechanism of Formation and Growth of Silver NanoparticlesPATRA, S; PANDEY, AK; SEN, D; RAMAGIRI, SV; BELLARE, JR; MAZUMDER, S; GOSWAMI, A