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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Cell (A549)-particle (Jasada Bhasma) interactions using Raman spectroscopyPYRGIOTAKIS, G; BHOWMICK, TK; FINTON, K; SURESH, AK; KANE, SG; BELLARE, JR; MOUDGIL, BM
2013Chain length dependence of polyol synthesis of zinc ferrite nanoparticles: why is diethylene glycol so different?RISHIKESHI, SN; JOSHI, SS; TEMGIRE, MK; BELLARE, JR
2016Characterization of mechanical properties of materials using ultrasound broadband spectroscopyAGRAWAL, M; PRASAD, A; BELLARE, JR; SESHIA, AA
1998Chemical synthesis of optical grade ceramic precursors: A spectrophotometric approach for analysisHARIDAS, MM; GOYAL, N; BELLARE, JR
2009Chitosan reinforced apatite-wollastonite coating by electrophoretic deposition on titanium implantsSHARMA, S; SONI, VP; BELLARE, JR
2008COLL 338-Modeling of nanoclay exfoliation and lamellar ordering of polypropylene clay nanocomposites with small angle X-ray scattering studiesGUNASEKARAN, S; PRESCHILLA, N; RASHEED, ASA; BISWAS, A; BELLARE, JR; TYAGI, S; VENKATESWARAN, N
2001Comparison of in vitro surface properties of clove oil-phospholipid suspensions with those of ALEC, exosurf and survantaBANERJEE, R; BELLARE, JR
2012Correlation between spinning temperature, membrane morphology, and performance of Psf/PVP/NMP/Water hollow fiber membrane forming systemDAHE, GJ; TEOTIA, RS; BELLARE, JR
2011Counter-ions diffusion properties of silica embedded poly(perfluorosulfonic) acid membraneCHAUDHURY, S; AGARWAL, C; PANDEY, AK; AHER, VT; PANICKER, L; RAMAGIRI, SV; BELLARE, JR; GOSWAMI, A
2016Cross-correlative 3D micro-structural investigation of human bone processed into bone allograftsSINGH, AK; GAJIWALA, AL; RAI, RK; KHAN, MP; SINGH, C; BARBHUYAN, T; VIJAYALAKSHMI, S; CHATTOPADHYAY, N; SINHA, N; KUMAR, A; BELLARE, JR
1996Cryogenic-scanning electron microscopy as a technique to image sol-to-gel transformation in chelated alkoxide systemsHARIDAS, MM; MENON, A; GOYAL, N; CHANDRAN, S; BELLARE, JR
1998Differences in particle sizes measured by cryo-sem and quasi-elastic light scattering in latex particlesHARIDAS, MM; BELLARE, JR
2015Effect of ZnS shell on optical properties of CdSe-ZnS core-shell quantum dotsMATHEW, S; BHARDWAJ, BS; SARAN, AD; RADHAKRISHNAN, P; NAMPOORI, VPN; VALLABHAN, CPG; BELLARE, JR
1997Electron microscopy of modified aluminum alkoxide microstructures on freeze-dryingSRIVASTAVA, A; MENON, AR; BELLARE, JR
2009Electrophoretic deposition of nanobiocomposites for orthopedic applications: influence of current density and coating durationSHARMA, S; SONI, VP; BELLARE, JR
2013Enhanced mechanical strength and biocompatibility of electrospun polycaprolactone-gelatin scaffold with surface deposited nano-hydroxyapatiteJAISWAL, AK; CHHABRA, H; SONI, VP; BELLARE, JR
2014Enhancing Cubosome Functionality by Coating with a Single Layer of Poly-epsilon-lysineDESHPANDE, S; VENUGOPAL, E; RAMAGIRI, S; BELLARE, JR; KUMARASWAMY, G; SINGH, N
2016Establishing the interfacial nano-structure and elemental composition of homeopathic medicines based on inorganic salts: a scientific approachTEMGIRE, MK; SURESH, AK; KANE, SG; BELLARE, JR