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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Safety and bioactivity studies of Jasad Bhasma and its in-process intermediate in Swiss miceCHAVARE, A; CHOWDARI, P; GHOSH, S; PAWAR, P; PATKAR, M; DAKAVE, S; GOTA, V; CHAUDHARI, P; CHIPLUNKAR, SV; KANE, S; SURESH, AK; BELLARE, J
2016Selenocysteine vs Cysteine: Tuning the Derivatization on Benzenesulfonyl Moiety of a Triazole Linked Dansyl Connected Glycoconjugate for Selective Recognition of Selenocysteine and the Applicability of the Conjugate in Buffer, in Serum, on Silica Gel, and in HepG2 CellsARETI, S; VERMA, SK; BELLARE, J; RAO, CP
2001SEM-based quantitative morphological comparison of herbal shampoo effects on hairIYER, R; MAINKAR, AR; JOLLY, CI; BELLARE, J
2010Silica-Coated Liposomes for Insulin DeliveryDWIVEDI, N; ARUNAGIRINATHAN, MA; SHARMA, S; BELLARE, J
2009Some Mechanistic Insights into the Gelation of Regenerated Silk Fibroin SolNAGARKAR, S; PATIL, A; LELE, A; BHAT, S; BELLARE, J; MASHELKAR, RA
2012Structural evolution in catanionic mixtures of cetylpyridinium chloride and sodium deoxycholateBHATTACHARJEE, J; ASWAL, VK; HASSAN, PA; PAMU, R; NARAYANAN, J; BELLARE, J
2007Structure of mesh phases in a cationic surfactant system with strongly bound counterionsGHOSH, SK; GANAPATHY, R; KRISHNASWAMY, R; BELLARE, J; RAGHUNATHAN, VA; SOOD, AK
2010Study of tablet-coating parameters for a pan coater through video imaging and Monte Carlo simulationKANDELA, B; SHEOREY, U; BANERJEE, A; BELLARE, J
2014Synthesis and Characterization of Chitosan-Grafted BPPO Ultrafiltration Composite Membranes with Enhanced Antifouling and Antibacterial PropertiesFENG, Y; LIN, XC; LI, HZ; HE, LZ; SRIDHAR, T; SURESH, AK; BELLARE, J; WANG, HT
2000Synthesis and characterization of low molecular weight cut off ultrafiltration membranes from cellulose propionate polymerKHAN, S; GHOSH, AK; RAMACHANDHRAN, V; BELLARE, J; HANRA, MS; TRIVEDI, MK; MISRA, BM
2014Synthesis of meso-Pyrrole-Substituted 22-Oxacorroles by a '' 3+2 '' ApproachKALITA, H; KALITA, D; LEE, WZ; BELLARE, J; RAVIKANTH, M
2014Synthesis of meso-Pyrrole-Substituted 22-Oxacorroles by a '' 3+2 '' ApproachKALITA, H; KALITA, D; LEE, WZ; BELLARE, J; RAVIKANTH, M
2012Synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Dioscorea bulbifera tuber extract and evaluation of its synergistic potential in combination with antimicrobial agentsGHOSH, S; PATIL, S; AHIRE, M; KITTURE, R; KALE, S; PARDESI, K; CAMEOTRA, SS; BELLARE, J; DHAVALE, DD; JABGUNDE, A; CHOPADE, BA
2017Synthesis of Surface Grafted Mesoporous Magnetic Nanoparticles for Cancer TherapyNEHA, R; JAISWAL, A; BELLARE, J; SAHU, NK
2013Synthesis, optimization, and characterization of silver nanoparticles from Acinetobacter calcoaceticus and their enhanced antibacterial activity when combined with antibioticsSINGH, R; WAGH, P; WADHWANI, S; GAIDHANI, S; KUMBHAR, A; BELLARE, J; CHOPADE, BA