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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Acid-Functionalised Magnetic Ionic Liquid [AcMIm]FeCl4 as Catalyst for Oxidative Hydroxylation of Arylboronic Acids and Regioselective Friedel-Crafts AcylationSAHA, A; PAYRA, S; DUTTA, D; BANERJEE, S
2004Active recognition through next view planning: a surveyROY, SD; CHAUDHURY, S; BANERJEE, S
2009Annealing of cold worked two-phase Zr-2.5 Nb-Associated microstructural developmentsHIWARKAR, VD; SAHOO, SK; SAMAJDAR, I; NARASIMHAN, K; KRISHNA, KVM; DEY, GK; SRIVASTAVA, D; TEWARI, R; BANERJEE, S
2003Aspect graph construction with noisy feature detectorsROY, SD; CHAUDHURY, S; BANERJEE, S
2014Auxiliary ligand-aided tuning of aggregation of transition metal benzoates: isolation of four different types of coordination polymersBANERJEE, S; RAJAKANNU, P; BUTCHER, RJ; MURUGAVEL, R
2015Black Shale in Late Jurassic Jhuran Formation of Kutch: Possible Indicator of Oceanic Anoxic Event?ARORA, A; BANERJEE, S; DUTTA, S
2006Carbon and oxygen isotope,compositions of the carbonate facies in the Vindhyan Supergroup, central IndiaBANERJEE, S; BHATTACHARYA, SK; SARKAR, S
2011Characteristics of an open coast tidal flat: Example from Daman, west coast of IndiaSAHA, S; GHOSH, A; BANERJEE, S; SARASWATI, PK; BURLEY, SD
2006Chuaria circularis from the early Mesoproterozoic Suket Shale, Vindhyan Supergroup, India: Insights from light and electron microscopy and pyrolysis-gas chromatographyDUTTA, S; STEINER, M; BANERJEE, S; ERDTMANN, BD; JEEVANKUMAR, S; MANN, U
2000Climatic versus tectonic control on storm cyclicity in mesoproterozoic Koldaha shale, Vindhyan supergroup, Central IndiaBANERJEE, S
2007Cobalt-5-aminoisophthalate: [Co(AIPA)(OH2)(2)](n)center dot nH(2)O: a new one-dimensional rail-road polymer with occluded water moleculesBANERJEE, S; SHANMUGAN, S; MURUGAVEL, R
2016Compositional variability of glauconites within the Upper Cretaceous Karai Shale Formation, Cauvery Basin, India: Implications for evaluation of stratigraphic condensationBANERJEE, S; BANSAL, U; PANDE, K; MEENA, SS
2017Compositional variation of glauconites in Upper Cretaceous-Paleogene sedimentary iron-ore deposits in South-eastern Western SiberiaRUDMIN, M; BANERJEE, S; MAZUROV, A
2014Contemporary deformation in the Kashmir-Himachal, Garhwal and Kumaon Himalaya: significant insights from 1995-2008 GPS time seriesJADE, S; MUKUL, M; GAUR, VK; KUMAR, K; SHRUNGESHWAR, TS; SATYAL, GS; DUMKA, RK; JAGANNATHAN, S; ANANDA, MB; KUMAR, PD; BANERJEE, S
2014Correlation between carbon-carbon bond length and the ease of retro Diels-Alder reactionKOTHA, S; BANERJEE, S; SHAIKH, M
2005Correlation between sorbent characteristics and metal sorption capacity of soils around Mumbai: Implications on environmental hazard managementMOULIK, MR; BANERJEE, S; MUKHERJI, S
2010Correlation between the saturation of emission current and defect co-ordination number for irradiated aligned multiwalled carbon nanotubesCHAKRABORTY, B; RAI, P; HAZRA, KS; MOHAPATRA, DR; MISRA, DS; BANERJEE, S
1985Crack closure in fatigue - a review .1. Mechanisms and predictionBANERJEE, S
1985Crack closure in fatigue - a review .2. Experimental methods and observationsBANERJEE, S