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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012The origin and maturation of lagoonal glauconites: a case study from the Oligocene Maniyara Fort Formation, western Kutch, IndiaBANERJEE, S; CHATTORAJ, SL; SARASWATI, PK; DASGUPTA, S; SARKAR, U; BUMBY, A
2015Overburden-induced flattening structure in the Himalaya: mechanism and implicationBANERJEE, S; MATIN, A; MUKUL, M
2001Overview of the meso- to neoproterozoic evolution of the Vindhyan basin, central IndiaBOSE, PK; SARKAR, S; CHAKRABARTY, S; BANERJEE, S
1997Oxidative damage induced by a novel porphyrin in tumour mitochondria and other model systems: Potential applications in photodynamic therapyCHATTERJEE, SR; KAMAT, JP; SHETTY, SJ; BANERJEE, S; SRIVASTAVA, TS; DEVASAGAYAM, TPA
2004Oxidative dehydrogenation and the aromatization of polycycles using o-iodoxybenzoic acid (IBX)KOTHA, S; BANERJEE, S; MANDAL, K
2013Palynology, palaeoecology and palaeodepositional environment of Eocene lignites and associated sediments from Matanomadh mine, Kutch Basin, western IndiaMATHEWS, RP; TRIPATHI, SM; BANERJEE, S; DUTTA, S
2016Performance of Two Real-Life California Bridges under Regional Natural HazardsYILMAZ, T; BANERJEE, S; JOHNSON, PA
2006Petrographic observations suggestive of microbial mats from Rampur Shale and Bijaigarh Shale, Vindhyan basin, IndiaSUR, S; SCHIEBER, J; BANERJEE, S
2011Petrology, palynology and organic geochemistry of Eocene lignite of Matanomadh, Kutch Basin, western India: Implications to depositional environment and hydrocarbon source potentialDUTTA, S; MATHEWS, RP; SINGH, BD; TRIPATHI, SM; SINGH, A; SARASWATI, PK; BANERJEE, S; MANN, U
2002Phase separation tendency in the As-solidified Zr3Al-Nb alloys studied by microstructural observations and thermodynamic analysisTEWARI, R; PRABHU, N; DEY, GK; MUKHOPADHYAY, P; BANERJEE, S
1997Phosphaalkyne-bridged clusters: Synthesis, characterization, and nonlinear optical properties of Fe4Se2(mu-Se2PCBut)(CO)(11)MATHUR, P; GHOSE, S; HOSSAIN, MM; SATYANARAYANA, CVV; BANERJEE, S; KUMAR, GR; HITCHCOCK, PB; NIXON, JF
2010Photoluminescent Silica Nanotubes and Nanodisks Prepared by the Reverse Micelle Sol-Gel MethodBANERJEE, S; DATTA, A
2009Presence and absence of significant twinning: Effects on cold deformed microstructures of single phase Zircaloy 2SAHOO, SK; HIWARKAR, VD; MAJUMDAR, A; SAMAJDAR, I; PANT, P; DEY, GK; SRIVASTAV, D; TIWARI, R; BANERJEE, S
2007Prime controls on archaean-palaeoproterozoic sedimentation: change over timeERIKSSON, PG; BANERJEE, S; CATUNEANU, O; SARKAR, S; BUMBY, AJ; MTIMKULU, MN
2017Probabilistic analysis of historic masonry bridges to random ground motion by Monte Carlo Simulation using Response Surface MethodHACIEFENDIOGLU, K; BASAGA, HB; BANERJEE, S
2016Quantum correlations in terms of neutrino oscillation probabilitiesALOK, AK; BANERJEE, S; SANKAR, SU
2015Re-examining sin 2 beta and Delta m(d) from evolution of B-d(0) mesons with decoherenceALOK, AK; BANERJEE, S; SANKAR, SU
1995Recent advances in the chemistry of nitroxides and their applications in spin-labelingBANERJEE, S; TRIVEDI, GK
2001Recognizing large 3-D objects through next view planning using an uncalibrated cameraROY, SD; CHAUDHURY, S; BANERJEE, S
2005Recognizing large isolated 3-D objects through next view planning using inner camera invariantsROY, SD; CHAUDHURY, S; BANERJEE, S