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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Multiple utilities targeting for heat exchanger networksSHENOY, UV; SINHA, A; BANDYOPADHYAY, S
2013One-Cycle-Controlled Single-Stage Single-Phase Voltage-Sensorless Grid-Connected PV SystemSREERAJ, ES; CHATTERJEE, K; BANDYOPADHYAY, S
2013Optimal source-sink matching in carbon capture and storage systems with time, injection rate, and capacity constraintsTAN, RR; AVISO, KB; BANDYOPADHYAY, S; NG, DKS
2015Optimization of concentrating solar thermal power plant based on parabolic trough collectorDESAI, NB; BANDYOPADHYAY, S
2014Optimization of design radiation for concentrating solar thermal power plants without storageDESAI, NB; KEDARE, SB; BANDYOPADHYAY, S
2014Optimization of Multiple Freshwater Resources in a Flexible-Schedule Batch Water NetworkCHATURVEDI, ND; BANDYOPADHYAY, S
2016Optimization of photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) based cogeneration system through water replenishment profileTHAKARE, MS; PRIYA, GSK; GHOSH, PC; BANDYOPADHYAY, S
2009Optimum Design of Battery-Integrated Diesel Generator Systems Incorporating Demand UncertaintyARUN, P; BANERJEE, R; BANDYOPADHYAY, S
2013Optimum Design of Waste Water Treatment NetworkSAHU, GC; GARG, A; MAJOZI, T; BANDYOPADHYAY, S
2008Optimum sizing of battery-integrated diesel generator for remote electrification through design-space approachARUN, P; BANERJEE, R; BANDYOPADHYAY, S
2009Optimum sizing of photovoltaic battery systems incorporating uncertainty through design space approachARUN, P; BANERJEE, R; BANDYOPADHYAY, S
2015Optimum sizing of supply equipment for time varying demandPRIYA, GSK; BANDYOPADHYAY, S
2010Optimum sizing of wind-battery systems incorporating resource uncertaintyROY, A; KEDARE, SB; BANDYOPADHYAY, S
2017Power Pinch Analysis for optimal sizing of renewable-based isolated system with uncertaintiesNORBU, S; BANDYOPADHYAY, S
2014Power system planning with emission constraints: Effects of CCS retrofittingPRIYA, GSK; BANDYOPADHYAY, S; TAN, RR
2009Process integration of organic Rankine cycleDESAI, NB; BANDYOPADHYAY, S
2006Process water managementBANDYOPADHYAY, S; GHANEKAR, MD; PILLAI, HK
2017Renewable targets for IndiaBANDYOPADHYAY, S
2017Resource mapping during a natural disaster: A case study on the 2015 Nepal earthquakeBASU, M; GHOSH, S; JANA, A; BANDYOPADHYAY, S; SINGH, R
2012A Rigorous Targeting to Minimize Resource Requirement in Batch ProcessesCHATURVEDI, ND; BANDYOPADHYAY, S