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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Tetrakis(1-naphthylamino) silane and its tetrahydrofuran trisolvateBALAKRISHNA, MS; CHIVERS, T; PARVEZ, M
2006The tetralithium derivative of the tetrakis(1-naphthylimido)silicate tetraanionCOPSEY, MC; BALAKRISHNA, MS; CHIVERS, T
2005Tetranuclear rhodium(I) macrocycle containing cyclodiphosphazane [Rh-2(mu-Cl)(2)(CO)(2){((BuNP)-Bu-t(OC6H4OMe-o))(2)-kappa P](2) and its reversible conversion into trans-[Rh(CO)Cl{((BuNP)-Bu-t(OC6H4OMe-o))(2-)kappa P}(2)]CHANDRASEKARAN, P; MAGUE, JT; BALAKRISHNA, MS
2007Thioether-functionalized ferrocenyl-bis(phosphonite), Fe{(C5H4)P(-OC10H6(mu-S)C10H6O-)}(2): Synthesis, coordination behavior, and application in suzuki-miyaura cross-coupling reactionsPUNJI, B; MAGUE, JT; BALAKRISHNA, MS
2001Three new spirocyclic palladium(0) complexes containing diphosphines derived from N,N '-substituted ethylenediaminesBALAKRISHNA, MS
2003Transition metal (Group 6, Ru and Group 10) derivatives of aminophosphines, Ph2PN(H)R (R=Ph, C6H11)SRINIVASAN, PRASHANT; BALAKRISHNA, MS; MAGUE, JOEL T
2016Transition metal chemistry of large-bite bisphosphines, N,N-bis(diphenylphosphinobenzyl)-N-phenylamine and bis(2-diphenylphosphinobenzyl)etherBHAT, SA; MAGUE, JT; BALAKRISHNA, MS
1998Transition metal chemistry of phosphorus based ligands. Ruthenium(II) chemistry of bis(phosphino)amines, X2PN(R)PX2 (R = H or Ph, X = Ph; R = Ph, X-2 = O2C6H4)BALAKRISHNA, MS; RAMASWAMY, K; ABHYANKAR, RM
2001Transition metal chemistry of phosphorus based ligands: Bis(diaryloxyphosphino)amine ligands and their palladium(II) and platinum(II) derivativesBALAKRISHNA, MS
2001Transition metal chemistry of phosphorus based ligands: synthesis and transition metal chemistry of N,N′-dimethyl,-bis(diphenylphosphino)ethylenediamine. The crystal and molecular structure of [ReBr(CO)3{Ph2PN(Me)CH2CH2(Me)NPPh2}]BALAKRISHNA, MS; WALAWALKAR, MRINALINI G
2008Tris(4-methylpiperazin-1-yl)phosphane, P(NC4H8NMe)(3): Synthesis, structural studies, group 10 and 11 metal complexes and catalytic investigationsGANESAMOORTHY, C; MAGUE, JT; BALAKRISHNA, MS
2007Two crystalline modifications of 1,1 '-thiobis(2-naphthol)MAGUE, JT; BALAKRISHNA, MS; PUNJI, B; SURESH, D
2016Two Triazole-Based Phosphine Ligands Prepared via Temperature Mediated Li/H Exchange: Cu-l and Au-l Complexes and Structural StudiesCHOUBEY, B; RADHAKRISHNA, L; MAGUE, JT; BALAKRISHNA, MS
2001Unusual difference in the reactivity of seven-coordinated Mo(II) and W(II) carbonyl complexes, [Mi(2)(CO)(3)(NCCH3)(2)] with derivatised-dppm, Me3SiN=PPh2CH2PPh2BALAKRISHNA, MS; PANDA, R; PRIYA, S; GEORGE, PP
2008Water-soluble cyclodiphosphazanes: synthesis, gold(I) metal complexes and their in vitro antitumor studiesSURESH, D; BALAKRISHNA, MS; RATHINASAMY, K; PANDA, D; MOBIN, SM
2009Weak Interactions between Trivalent Pnictogen Centers: Computational Analysis of Bonding in Dimers X(3)E center dot center dot center dot EX(3) (E = Pnictogen, X = Halogen)MOILANEN, J; GANESAMOORTHY, C; BALAKRISHNA, MS; TUONONEN, HM