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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014C-H center dot center dot center dot pi interactions in proteins: prevalence, pattern of occurrence, residue propensities, location, and contribution to protein stabilityKUMAR, M; BALAJI, PV
2011Comparative genomics analysis of completely sequenced microbial genomes reveals the ubiquity of N-linked glycosylation in prokaryotesKUMAR, M; BALAJI, PV
2012Conformational mapping and energetics of saccharide-aromatic residue interactions: implications for the discrimination of anomers and epimers and in protein engineeringKUMARI, M; SUNOJ, RB; BALAJI, PV
2002Conformation, orientation and dynamics of dodecylphosphocholine in micellar aggregate: A 3.2 ns molecular dynamics simulation studyVASUDEVAN, SV; BALAJI, PV
2001Dynamics of ganglioside headgroup in lipid environment: Molecular dynamics simulations of GM1 embedded in dodecylphosphocholine micelleVASUDEVAN, SV; BALAJI, PV
2010E93R Substitution of Escherichia coli FtsZ Induces Bundling of Protofilaments, Reduces GTPase Activity, and Impairs Bacterial CytokinesisJAISWAL, R; PATEL, RY; ASTHANA, J; JINDAL, B; BALAJI, PV; PANDA, D
2005Effect of the choice of the pressure coupling method on the spontaneous aggregation of DPPC moleculesPATEL, RY; BALAJI, PV
2012Exploration of CH center dot center dot center dot pi mediated stacking interactions in saccharide: aromatic residue complexes through conformational samplingKUMARI, M; SUNOJ, RB; BALAJI, PV
2004Identification of common structural features of binding sites in galactose-specific proteinsSUJATHA, MS; BALAJI, PV
2006Identification of linkage-specific sequence motifs in sialyltransferasesPATEL, RY; BALAJI, PV
2005Insights into the role of the aromatic residue in galactose-binding sites: MP2/6-311G++** study on galactose- and glucose-aromatic residue analogue complexesSUJATHA, MS; SASIDHAR, YU; BALAJI, PV
2014Interplay of Sequence, Topology and Termini Charge in Determining the Stability of the Aggregates of GNNQQNY Mutants: A Molecular Dynamics StudySRIVASTAVA, A; BALAJI, PV
2007Length and composition analysis of the cytoplasmic, transmembrane and stem regions of human Golgi glycosyltransferasesPATEL, RY; BALAJI, PV
2002Molecular dynamics simulations of alpha 2 -> 8-linked disialoside: Conformational analysis and implications for binding to proteinsVASUDEVAN, SV; BALAJI, PV
2007Protein aggregation: a perspective from amyloid and inclusion-body formationIDICULA-THOMAS, S; BALAJI, PV
2011Quantification of binding affinities of essential sugars with a tryptophan analogue and the ubiquitous role of C-H center dot center dot center dot pi interactionsKUMARI, M; BALAJI, PV; SUNOJ, RB
2007The sequence TGAAKAVALVL from glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase displays structural ambivalence and interconverts between alpha-helical and beta-hairpin conformations mediated by collapsed conformational statesPATEL, S; BALAJI, PV; SASIDHAR, YU
2012Size, orientation and organization of oligomers that nucleate amyloid fibrils: Clues from MD simulations of pre-formed aggregatesSRIVASTAVA, A; BALAJI, PV
2006A support vector machine-based method for predicting the propensity of a protein to be soluble or to form inclusion body on overexpression in Escherichia coliIDICULA-THOMAS, S; KULKARNI, AJ; JAYARAMAN, VK; BALAJI, PV
2005Understanding the relationship between the primary structure of proteins and their amyloidogenic propensity: clues from inclusion body formationIDICULA-THOMAS, S; BALAJI, PV
Showing results 4 to 23 of 23
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