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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013UV-assisted production of ferromagnetic graphitic quantum dots from graphiteSWAIN, AK; LI, D; BAHADUR, D
2010A variable temperature EPR study of the manganites (La(1/3)Sm(2/3))(2/3)Sr(x)Ba(0.33-x)MnO(3) (x=0.0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.33): Small polaron hopping conductivity and Griffiths phaseMISRA, SK; ANDRONENKO, SI; ASTHANA, S; BAHADUR, D
1998A variable temperature ferromagnetic resonance study of Ni-Zr-substituted non-stoichiometric barium ferrite samplesMISRA, SK; RANE, MV; SRIVASTAVA, C; BAHADUR, D
2017Visible light driven mesoporous Ag-embedded ZnO nanocomposites: reactive oxygen species enhanced photocatalysis, bacterial inhibition and photodynamic therapyGUPTA, J; MOHAPATRA, J; BAHADUR, D
2017Visible Light Sensitive Mesoporous Cu-Substituted ZnO Nanoassembly for Enhanced Photocatalysis, Bacterial Inhibition, and Noninvasive Tumor RegressionGUPTA, J; BAHADUR, D
2013Visible light-driven novel nanocomposite (BiVO4/CuCr2O4) for efficient degradation of organic dyeBAJAJ, R; SHARMA, M; BAHADUR, D
2007Weak charge-ordering behavior in phase separated (Ln(1/3)Sm(2/3))(2/3)Ca1/3MnO3 (Ln = Pr and La) manganitesASTHANA, S; DHO, J; BAHADUR, D
2012Wet-Chemical Green Synthesis of L-Lysine Amino Acid Stabilized Biocompatible Iron-Oxide Magnetic NanoparticlesKRISHNA, R; TITUS, E; KRISHNA, R; BARDHAN, N; BAHADUR, D; GRACIO, J
2017Zn2+-Silica Modified Cobalt Ferrite Magnetic Nanostructured Composite for Efficient Adsorption of Cationic Pollutants from WaterSENGUPTA, A; RAO, R; BAHADUR, D