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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Large magnetoresistance in (La(1-x)Ca(x)MnO(3))(1-y): ZrO(2) compositeDAS, D; SAHA, A; RUSSEK, SE; RAJ, R; BAHADUR, D
2008Lattice effect on the magnetic and magneto-transport properties of (La1/3Sm2/3)(0.67)Ba0.33-xSrxMnO3 (x=0.0, 0.1, 0.2 and 0.33) compoundsASTHANA, S; NIGAM, AK; MALIK, SK; BAHADUR, D
2007Layer-by-layer assembly of a magnetic nanoparticle shell on a thermoresponsive microgel coreWONG, JE; GAHARWAR, AK; MULLER-SCHULTE, D; BAHADUR, D; RICHTERING, W
2005Low temperature synthesis and magneto-electrical studies in Nd1-xPbxMnO3 systemDWIVEDI, R; RAJ, M; BAHADUR, D
2004Low temperature Synthesis, and magnetic and magnetotransport properties of a (La1-xLux)(0.67)Ca0.33MnO3 (0 <= x <= 0.12) systemDAS, D; RAJ, MR; SRIVASTAVA, CM; NIGAM, AK; BAHADUR, D; MALIK, SK
2013Magnetic and electric properties of nanoparticles of Ni-substituted ferrites synthesized using a microwave refluxing processPRASAD, NK; NAULAKHA, A; JHA, N; MEENA, SS; BAHADUR, D; PRAKASH, O; MANDAL, RK
2004Magnetic and electrical transport properties of La(0.67)Ca(0.33)MnO(3) (LCMO): xZnO compositesDAS, D; SRIVASTAVA, CM; BAHADUR, D; NIGAM, AK; MALIK, SK
2004Magnetic and electrical transport properties of La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 (LCMO) : xSiCN compositesDAS, D; SAHA, A; SRIVASTAVA, CM; RAJ, R; RUSSEK, SE; BAHADUR, D
2006Magnetic and magnetotransport properties in (LaxSm1-x)(2/3)Sr1/3MnO3 (x=1/3, 1/2 and 2/3) manganitesASTHANA, S; NIGAM, AK; BAHADUR, D
2008Magnetic and photomagnetic studies in nanocrystalline Ni(0.5)Zn(0.5)Fe(1.7)Co(0.3)O(4)BAHADUR, D; DESPLANCHES, C; RAJAKUMAR, S; LETARD, JF
2004Magnetic and transport studies in La(1-x)Ca(x)Mn(0.7)CO(0.3)O(3) (0.1 <= x <= 0.5)VERMA, D; NIGAM, AK; RAO, TKG; BAHADUR, D
2013Magnetic behavior of reduced graphene oxide/metal nanocompositesSAHOO, PK; PANIGRAHY, B; LI, D; BAHADUR, D
2006Magnetic carrier for radionuclide removal from aqueous wastes: Parameters investigated in the development of nanoscale magnetite based carbamoyl methyl phosphine oxideAMBASHTA, RD; WATTAL, PK; SINGH, S; BAHADUR, D
2017Magnetic core-shell hybrid nanoparticles for receptor targeted anti-cancer therapy and magnetic resonance imagingSHANAVAS, A; SASIDHARAN, S; BAHADUR, D; SRIVASTAVA, R
2009Magnetic hyperthermia with biphasic gel of La(1-x)Sr(x)MnO(3) and maghemitePRASAD, NK; HARDEL, L; DUGUET, E; BAHADUR, D
2008Magnetic nanoparticle-polyelectrolyte Interaction : a layered approach for biomedical applicationsWONG, JE; GAHARWAR, AK; MULLER-SCHULTE, D; BAHADUR, D; RICHTERING, W
2009Magnetic nanoparticles encapsulated within a thermoresponsive polymerGAHARWAR, AK; WONG, JE; MULLER-SCHULTE, D; BAHADUR, D; RICHTERING, W
2008Magnetic nanoparticles through sonochemistryTHEERDHATA, S; VITTA, S; BAHADUR, D
2009Magnetic properties of (Fe)(1-x)-(Al(2)O(3))(x) and (Fe(50)Ni(50))(1-x)-(Al(2)O(3))(x) nanocomposite magnetic media synthesized using gel like Al(2)O(3) matrixVITTA, S; SINHA, V; BAHADUR, D