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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Ice-templated synthesis of multifunctional three dimensional graphene/noble metal nanocomposites and their mechanical, electrical, catalytic, and electromagnetic shielding propertiesSAHOO, PK; AEPURU, R; PANDA, HS; BAHADUR, D
2017Ice-templating synthesis of macroporous noble metal/3D-graphene nanocomposites: their fluorescence lifetimes and catalytic studySAHOO, PK; PANIGRAHY, B; THAKUR, D; BAHADUR, D
2012Impedimetric biosensor based on magnetic nanoparticles for electrochemical detection of dopamineCHANDRA, S; ARORA, K; BAHADUR, D
2011Impedimetric biosensor for early detection of cervical cancerCHANDRA, S; BAROLA, N; BAHADUR, D
1998Importance of structural tuning in manganitesBAHADUR, D; DUNLAP, RA
2014Improved structural and optical properties of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films via optimized potential in single bath electrodepositionANANTHOJU, B; SONIA, FJ; KUSHWAHA, A; BAHADUR, D; MEDHEKAR, NV; ASLAM, M
2013In situ synthesis and properties of reduced graphene oxide/Bi nanocomposites: As an electroactive material for analysis of heavy metalsSAHOO, PK; PANIGRAHY, B; SAHOO, S; SATPATI, AK; LI, D; BAHADUR, D
2012In vitro application of paclitaxel loaded magnetoliposomes for combined chemotherapy and hyperthermiaKULSHRESTHA, P; GOGOI, M; BAHADUR, D; BANERJEE, R
2013In vitro evaluation of PEGylated mesoporous MgFe2O4 magnetic nanoassemblies (MMNs) for chemo-thermal therapyKUMAR, S; DAVEREY, A; SAHU, NK; BAHADUR, D
1998In-situ high-temperature X-ray diffraction studies of non-stoichiometric Ni-Zr substituted barium hexagonal ferrites prepared by citrate precursor routeBAHADUR, D; FISCHER, W; RANE, MV
2016In-vitro evaluation of layered double hydroxide-Fe3O4 magnetic nanohybrids for thermo-chemotherapyKOMARALA, EP; NIGAM, S; ASLAM, M; BAHADUR, D
2009In-Vitro Release Kinetics and Stability of Anticardiovascular Drugs-Intercalated Layered Double Hydroxide NanohybridsPANDA, HS; SRIVASTAVA, R; BAHADUR, D
2015Inactivation of bacterial pathogens under magnetic hyperthermia using Fe3O4-ZnO nanocompositeSINGH, S; BARICK, KC; BAHADUR, D
2012Influence of confinement regimes on magnetic property of pristine SnO2 quantum dotsDUTTA, D; BAHADUR, D
2013Influence of excess Fe accumulation over the surface of FePt nanoparticles: Structural and magnetic propertiesSAHU, NK; BAHADUR, D
2006Influence of fuel ratios on auto combustion synthesis of barium ferrite nano particlesBAHADUR, D; RAJAKUMAR, S; KUMAR, A
2002Influence of grain size and grain boundaries on the properties of La0.7Sr0.3CoxMn1-xO3DAS, S; CHOWDHURY, P; RAO, TKG; DAS, D; BAHADUR, D
2008Influence of Mn doping on structural and vibrational properties of self-assembled Mn doped ZnO nanocrystalsBARICK, KC; BAHADUR, D
2004Influence of nucleating agents on the chemical interaction of MgO-Al(2)O(3)-SiO(2)-B(2)O(3) glass sealants with components of SOFCsBAHADUR, D; LAHL, N; SINGH, K; SINGHEISER, L; HILPERT, K
2009Intercalation of Hexacyanoferrate(III) Ions in Layered Double Hydroxides: A Novel Precursor To Form Ferri-/Antiferromagnetic Exchange Coupled Oxides and Monodisperse Nanograin Spinel FerritesPANDA, HS; SRIVASTAVA, R; BAHADUR, D