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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Three-dimensional hydrodynamic flow focusing of dye, particles and cells in a microfluidic device by employing two bends of opposite curvatureTRIPATHI, S; KUMAR, A; KUMAR, YVBV; AGRAWAL, A
2006Three-dimensional simulation of gaseous slip flow in different aspect ratio microductsAGRAWAL, A; AGRAWAL, A
2008Topology abstraction algorithms for light-mesh - an alternate model for PONAGRAWAL, A; GUMASTE, A; CHAMANIA, M; GHANI, N
2014Toward enhanced understanding and projections of climate extremes using physics-guided data mining techniquesGANGULY, AR; KODRA, EA; AGRAWAL, A; BANERJEE, A; BORIAH, S; CHATTERJEE, S; CHATTERJEE, S; CHOUDHARY, A; DAS, D; FAGHMOUS, J; GANGULI, P; GHOSH, S; HAYHOE, K; HAYS, C; HENDRIX, W; FU, Q; KAWALE, J; KUMAR, D; KUMAR, V; LIAO, W; LIESS, S; MAWALAGEDARA, R; MITHAL, V; OGLESBY, R; SALVI, K; SNYDER, PK; STEINHAEUSER, K; WANG, D; WUEBBLES, D
2009Two-Phase Flow Pressure Drop Characteristics in Trapezoidal Silicon MicrochannelsSINGH, SG; BHIDE, RR; DUTTAGUPTA, SP; PURANIK, BP; AGRAWAL, A
2015Velocity measurement in low Reynolds and low Mach number slip flow through a tubeVARADE, V; AGRAWAL, A; PRABHU, SV; PRADEEP, AM
2017Vortex shedding characteristics of a cylinder with a parallel slit placed in a circular pipeORDIA, L; VENUGOPAL, A; AGRAWAL, A; PRABHU, SV
2013Wake interaction between two side-by-side square cylinders in channel flowBURATTINI, P; AGRAWAL, A