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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Passive blood plasma separation at the microscale: a review of design principles and microdevicesTRIPATHI, S; KUMAR, YVBV; PRABHAKAR, A; JOSHI, SS; AGRAWAL, A
2014Performance evaluation of piezoelectric and differential pressure sensor for vortex flowmetersVENUGOPAL, A; AGRAWAL, A; PRABHU, SV
2015Performance study of microfluidic devices for blood plasma separation-a designer's perspectiveTRIPATHI, S; KUMAR, YVBV; PRABHAKAR, A; JOSHI, SS; AGRAWAL, A
2015PIV investigations on the turbulent mixing of two opposing flows inside a scaled chimney model of a research reactorSENGUPTA, S; KHAN, MH; VELURI, VK; VIJAYAN, PK; AGRAWAL, A; BHATTACHARYA, S
2013Poiseuille flow across an eccentrically confined stationary/rotating cylinderPRASAD, K; AGRAWAL, A; SHARMA, A
2006Power law of decaying homogeneous isotropic turbulence at low Reynolds numberBURATTINI, P; LAVOIE, P; AGRAWAL, A; DJENIDI, L; ANTONIA, RA
2009Pressure drop and heat transfer characteristics of boiling water in sub-hundred micron channelBHIDE, RR; SINGH, SG; SRIDHARAN, A; DUTTAGUPTA, SP; AGRAWAL, A
2015Proper cavity shape can mitigate confinement effect in synthetic jet impingement coolingBHAPKAR, US; SRIVASTAVA, A; AGRAWAL, A
2017Rarefied gas flow in converging microchannel in slip and early transition regimesHEMADRI, V; VARADE, VV; AGRAWAL, A; BHANDARKAR, UV
2009Semiempirical correlation for the friction factor of gas flowing through smooth microtubesVERMA, B; DEMSIS, A; AGRAWAL, A; PRABHU, SV
2008Similarity analysis of planar and axisymmetric turbulent synthetic jetsAGRAWAL, A; VERMA, G
2016A simple and novel way of maintaining constant wall temperature in microdevicesDURYODHAN, VS; SINGH, A; SINGH, SG; AGRAWAL, A
2017Simulation of a temperature drop for the flow of rarefied gases in microchannelsGAVASANE, A; AGRAWAL, A; PRADEEP, AM; BHANDARKAR, U
2011Simulation of flow across a row of transversely oscillating square cylindersSEWATKAR, CM; SHARMA, A; AGRAWAL, A
2008Simulation of flow around a row of square cylindersKUMAR, SR; SHARMA, A; AGRAWAL, A
2009Simulation of gas flow in microchannels with a single 90 degrees bendAGRAWAL, A; DJENIDI, L; AGRAWAL, A
2005Simulation of gas flow in microchannels with a sudden expansion or contractionAGRAWAL, A; DJENIDI, L; ANTONIA, RA
2015Slip flow through a converging microchannel: experiments and 3D simulationsVARADE, V; AGRAWAL, A; PRADEEP, AM
2015Spanwise correlations in the wake of a circular cylinder and a trapezoid placed inside a circular pipeVENUGOPAL, A; AGRAWAL, A; PRABHU, SV
2008Survey on measurement of tangential momentum accommodation coefficientAGRAWAL, A; PRABHU, SV